SP151 Chapter 12

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  1. topical organization
    organization by recency, primacy, complexity
  2. primacy
    • arrangement of ideas, most imprtant > least important,
    • strongest > weakest
  3. recency
    • least important > most importanrt
    • weakest > strongest
  4. complexity
    simple > more complex
  5. chronological organization
    time, sequence
  6. spatial organization
    location, position, direction
  7. cause-effect organization
  8. problem - solution organization
  9. specificity
    specific to general, general to specificq
  10. soft evidence
  11. hard evidence
    factual stats and examples
  12. signpost
    verbal / nonverbal organizational signal
  13. preview
    stating what is to come
  14. initial preview
    first statement of main ideas.. presented around central idea
  15. internal preview
    preview within speech of whats yet to come
  16. transition
    word, phrasem nonverbal taht moves things along or connects relationships from one to another
  17. verbal tranitions
    word or phrase
  18. non verbal trans.
    facial, vocal, movement that signals next idea
  19. summary
  20. internal summary
    what has been said so far
  21. final summary
    recap beofre conclusion
  22. introduction
    • opening lines :
    • attention, introduce topic, cred., central idea, preview main ideas.
  23. conclusion
    • closing lines
    • leave final impression
  24. prepartion outline
  25. standard outline format
    numbered & lettered headings/ subheadings to indicate relationship of parts of pres.

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