SP151 Chapter 13

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  1. memorized speaking
    word for word deliver w/o notes
  2. impromptu speaking
    delievery w/o preparing
  3. extemporaneous speaking
    speaking from outline w/o notes or being word for word
  4. specific word
    word that refres to individula member of class
  5. concrete word
    refers to object or describes action or characteristic in most specific way possible
  6. unbiased word
    non stereotypical, disciminatory, insulting to anyone
  7. vivid word
  8. thesaurus
    list of synonyms
  9. simple word
    short word known to all
  10. correct word
    means what speaker intends & is grammatically correct
  11. figurative language
  12. metaphor
  13. similie
    like or as
  14. personification
    giving human characteristics to non living thing
  15. drama
    by phrasing differently than expected
  16. omission
    leaving things out
  17. inversion
    reversing word order/ phriase / sentence
  18. suspension
    withholding key word until end
  19. cadence
    rhythm of language
  20. parallelism
    using same grammatical structure for two or more clauses or sentences
  21. antithesis
    contrasting meanings
  22. repetition
  23. alliteration
  24. eye contact
  25. physical delivery
    • gestures, movement, posture
    • influence interpretation
  26. gestures
    movements of hands and arms
  27. posture
  28. facial expression
  29. vocal delivery`
    • nonverbal voice cues,
    • volume, pitch, rate, articulation
  30. volume
    softness/ loudness
  31. pitch
    high/ low
  32. inflection
    variation in vocal pitch
  33. rate
  34. pause
    silence, for pace & to signal new idea
  35. articulation
    clear and distinct speech`
  36. dialect
    consistent style of articulation & pronounciation
  37. appearance
    speaker's dress and grooming
  38. presentation aid
    tangible item used to communicate
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