Crim law

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  1. Express Malice (IK) (SI)
    a) Purpose to cause death
  2. Implied Malice (UK) (GI)
    a) Intent to inflict

    b) serious bodily harm
  3. Depraved Heart (UK) (GI)
    • a) extreme recklessness
    • b) w/r/t serious risk of harm
    • c) to another person
    • d) where the risky conduct
    • e) suggests a callous
    • f) indifference to human life
  4. Felony Murder Rule (UK)
    • a) an unintentional killing
    • b) proximately caused
    • c) during the commission
    • d) or attempted com.
    • e) of a dangerous felony
  5. Voluntary Mans. (IK) (SI)
    • a) intentional killing acted in
    • b) the heat of passion after
    • c) adequate provocation; or
    • d) acted in an honest
    • e) but unreasonable belief
    • f) that the killing was
    • g) was necessary in self defense.
  6. Involuntary Mans. (UK)(GI)
    • a)unintentional killing
    • b) caused either by
    • c) criminal negligence; or
    • d) during the commission of an
    • e) unlawful act
    • (malum in se - misdemeanor)
  7. Battery (GI)
    • a) The unlawful
    • b) application of force to
    • c) the person of another
    • d) that results
    • e) in bodily harm or
    • f) offensive touching
  8. Aggravated Battery (GI)
    • a) Battery where the def.
    • b) causes the victim
    • c) serious bodily harm; or
    • d) uses a deadly weapon; or
    • e) batters a woman, child,
    • f) or police officer.

    Mayhem - dismembering
  9. Assault (SI)
    • a) Purposeful creation,
    • b) other than
    • c) by mere words,
    • d) a fear of,
    • e) imminent bodily harm

    • f)
    • or an attempted battery
  10. Aggravated Assault (SI)
    • a) Commits the assault w/ a
    • b) deadly weapon; or
    • c) acts with the intent
    • d) to rape or
    • e) murder the victim.
  11. False Pretenses (SI)
    • a)A false representation
    • b)of a material fact
    • c)by the def. which causes
    • d)the victim to pass
    • e)his property's title to def.
    • f)who knows his representation
    • g)to be false
    • h)and intends thereby
    • i)to defraud the victim.
  12. Larceny (SI)
    • a) The taking (caption)
    • b) and C A (aspiration)
    • c) of the tangible property
    • d) of another w/ intent to
    • e) permanently deprive
    • f) the owner thereof.
  13. Robbery (SI)
    • a) Larceny
    • b) accompanied by force,
    • c) intimidation, threat or
    • d) violence.
  14. Rape (GI)
    • a) The act of unlawful
    • b) sexual intercourse
    • c) by a male
    • d) with a female
    • e) w/o her consent.
  15. Extortion (Blackmail) (SI)
    • a) Obtaining property
    • b) of another
    • c) by the use of threats
    • d) of future harm
    • e) to the victim or
    • f) his property
  16. Burglary (SI)
    • a)The breaking and entering
    • b)of the dwelling house (buildings,vehicles)
    • d)of another
    • e)in the nighttime (anytime)
    • f) with the intent to commit a felony therein.
    • (can be a misdemeanor)
  17. Arson (GI)
    • a) The malicious burning
    • b) of a person's dwelling
    • c) or an occupied structure
  18. Kidnapping
    • a) An unlawful restraint of
    • b) a persons liberty
    • c) by force or show of force
    • d) to be taken
    • e) to another location.
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