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  1. Sinuous
    (adj) having many curves or turns (a path); serpentine.
  2. Pellucid
    (adj) clear, transparent.
  3. inveigle
    (v) to persuade someone by means of flattery.
  4. arrant
    (adj) total, complete, notorious.
  5. assonant
    (adj) two sounds resembling each other, especially words with similar vowel sounds.
  6. impugn
    (v) to challene the validity of someone's position or arguments.
  7. fomentation
    (n) the incitement or instigation of protest and rebellion.
  8. nonplussed
    (adj) very confused.
  9. ululation
    (s) a shrill, howling sound.
  10. repudiate
    (v) to reject.
  11. risible
    (adj) laughable, or causing laughter
  12. recapitulate
    • (v) to summarize or restate the main points
    • recap
  13. supplant
    (v) to take the place of.
  14. pulchritude
    (n) beauty in physical apperance
  15. somnambulist
    (n) one who sleepwalks
  16. scatological
    (adj) having to do with excrement and excremental functions.
  17. fecund
    (adj) fertile or productive.
  18. festoon
    (adj) to adorn or decorate, esp. with hanging chains of ornaments.
  19. fatuous
    (adj) silly or foolish.
  20. pabulum
    • (n) thin, unsubstantial intellectual material
    • mindless entertainment.
  21. lassitude
    • (n) tiredness of mind or body resulting from stress
    • lack of energy
  22. jocular
    (adj) characterized by joking, jesting, and humor
  23. nuance
    • (n) subtle variation
    • a subtle distinction
  24. postmortem
    • (n) an analysis of an event after it is over
    • evaluation done after death
    • (adj) occuring or done after death
  25. parity
    • (n) equality
    • similarity
    • the state of being equal to or equivalent
  26. profuse
    • (adj) in excess
    • extravagant
    • plentiful
  27. pedestrian
    • (adj) common, dull
    • pertaining to walking
    • unimaginative
    • (n) a person going on foot
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