Trumpet Embouchure

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  1. No tone, rushing
    • Lips not together
    • (spread aperture)
    • re-form and maintain "B" position
    • with lips

    • too much pucker in lips ("oo"
    • shape)
    • Re-form and maintain "B"

    • Dry lips, drip mouthpiece
    • Lick lips, inside of mouthpiece

    • Insufficient air to make lips vibrate
    • Review "sigh" breath; use faster air.
  2. Airy Tone (Some airy tone is comon until the lip begins to vibrate naturally
    • Lips not together
    • (spread aperture)
    • Re-form andmaintain "B" position
    • with lips

    • Too much pucker in lips (Hard
    • "oo")
    • Reform "B" but emphasize no pucker (more M)

    • tight, closed throat
    • Review "sigh" breath; suggest yawn with head up
  3. Stopped (resticted
    throat or buzz)
    • Tense, excessively
    • pursed lip formation (biting)
    • Relax, reform "B" but emphasize
    • lip pursing

    • Too much mouthpiece pressure toward lips
    • Relax left hand grip; no right
    • hand little finger in hook

    • tight, closed throat
    • review "sigh" breath; suggest yawn with head up.
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