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  1. Secondary injury assoc with shoulder dislocation
    Axillary nerve injury
  2. Secondary injury assoc with humeral shaft fracture
    Radial nerve injury
  3. Secondary injury assoc with supracondylar fracture of the humerus
    Brachial artery injury
  4. Secondary injury assoc with posterior hip dislocation
    Sciatic nerve injury
  5. Secondary injury assoc with knee dislocation
    Popliteal artery injury
  6. Secondary injury assoc with fibular neck fracture
    Peroneal nerve injury
  7. What are the three components of the GCS?
    • Eye (1-4)
    • Verbal (1-5)
    • Motor (1-6)
    • Normal 15
    • Mild impairment 12-14
    • Moderate impairment 9-11
    • Severe impairment <9
  8. What is the GCS used for?
    Traumatic brain injuries
  9. What is the RTS? What are the components of RTS? How is it scored?
    • Revised Trauma Score.
    • GCS, Respiratory Rate, Systolic Blood Pressure
    • Score of 0-4 per category
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