Chapter 5: Part 5

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  1. ___________ ______ _________ involves keratinocytes of stratum spinosum.
    Squamous cell carcinoma
  2. Squamous cell carcinoma is most common in what 4 places?
    • scalp
    • ears
    • lower lip
    • hands
  3. How is good prognosis of Squamous cell carcinoma treated?
    radiation therapy & removed surgically
  4. ___________ inolves melanocytes.
  5. _________ is highly metastic and resistant to chmotherapy.
  6. How is melenoma treated?
    surgical exicision accumpanied by immunotherapy
  7. ABCD rule of melenoma:
    • Assymetry
    • Border
    • Color
    • Diameter
  8. 2 sides of malanoma ______ _______.
    don't match
  9. The border of melanoma exhibits _____________.
  10. What colors can melanoma be?
    • black
    • brown
    • tan
    • sometimes red or blue
  11. What is the diameter of melenoma?
    larger than 6mm
  12. What 4 things can cause burns?
    • heat
    • electricity
    • radiation
    • certain chemicals
  13. What does a burn do?
    damages tissue, denatures proteins, & kills cells
  14. What is the immidiate threat of a burn?
    Dehydration & Electrolyte imbalance
  15. What does dehydration and electrolyte imbalance lead to?
    renal shutdown & circulatory shock
  16. What is used to estimate the volume of fluid loss from burns?
    rule of nines
  17. First degree burn is _________ damage only.
  18. How can u tell if it's a first degree burn?
    • localized redness
    • edema (swelling)
    • pain
  19. Second degree burn is ___________ and ________ ___________ damage.
    epidermal & upper dermal
  20. How can you identify a 2nd degree burn?
  21. What is damaged in a third degree burn?
    entire thickness of skin
  22. What color will a third degree burn be?
    gray-white, cherry red, or black
  23. No initial edema or pain(destroyed nerve endings) is a sign of ____ degree burn.
  24. What often happens after a third degree burn to to fix the skin?
    skin grafting
  25. When is a 2nd Degree burns critical?
    When 25% of the body is covered
  26. When is a 3rd degree burn critical?
    When 10% of the body is covered
  27. Third degree burn is critical when _______, _______, or _______ are burned.
    face, hands, or feet

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