Dictator name

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  1. Dictator
    a ruler who assumes sole and absolute power over a country/ region.
  2. Characteristics
    • -Stay in power
    • -Crisis> Stability
    • -Military Background
    • -Myth of dispensability
    • -Alliances
    • -Violence/ Intimidation
    • -Goon Squad
    • - Need an enemy
    • - Overthrown and exile.
  3. Stay in power
    • Squash all opposition.
    • ex) Keep people in check.
  4. Crisis > Stability
    Takes advantage of country crisis and brings stabilization to the situation.

    ex) Porfirio Diaz saw the economic depression Mexico was suffering and straighten it out. It only benefit a small number of people.
  5. Military Background
    • Had some sort of relationship with a military background.
    • -Porfirio Diaz was a general and rose through its ranks by making courageous moves.
  6. Myth of dispensability
    • Dictators make themselves look supernatural status.
    • -Dictators have statues and drawing all over the place to enhance their stature.
  7. Alliances
    Make friends with a certain group.

    ex) Porfirio Diaz had a good relationship with the rich people that owned large haciendas.
  8. Violence/Intimidation
    Most dictators will over punish just get their point across.

    ex) In the book the president, the dictator forced Canales into exile all for saying he was the prince of armies.
  9. Goon Squad
    Dictators have their secret group that take care of the dirty work.

    ex) Mazorca club was Jose manuel rosas. Rurales was Porfirio.
  10. Need an enemy
    Dictator need an enemy to blame their problems to.

    ex) Hitler to jews.
  11. Overthrown and exile
    Dictators typically get overthrown but flee to exile.

    - Rosas fled England. Recovered all the wealth he had collected during his tenure as a dictator.
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