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  1. Apposite
    Suitable; apt; relevant
  2. Guffaw
    Boisterous laughter
  3. Truncate
    To shorten by cutting
  4. Relegate
    To banish; to put to a lower position
  5. Callow
    Being young or immature
  6. Accede
    To comply with; to consent to
  7. Transpire
    To take place; to come about
  8. Placate
    To appease or pacify
  9. Craven
    Coward; abject person
  10. Serrated
    Having a saw toothed edge
  11. Arable
    Suitable (as land) for plowing
  12. Juncture
    Critical point; meeting
  13. Welter
    A confused mass; turmoil
  14. Vaunted
    To boast
  15. Solace
    Hope; comfort during a time of grief
  16. Succumb
    To give in; to yield; to collapse
  17. Salient
    Noticeable; prominent
  18. Docile
    Manageable; obedient; gentle
  19. Pedestrian
    Mediocre; ordinary
  20. Ameliorate
    To improve or make better
  21. Consecrate
    To sanctify; to make sacred; to immortalize
  22. Cajole
    To coax with insincere talk
  23. Macerate
    To soften by steeping in liquid (including stomach juices)
  24. Augment
    To increase or add to; to make larger
  25. Meander
    To go aimlessly
  26. Contentious
  27. Gibber
    To speak foolishly
  28. Dissent
    To disagree; to differ in opinion
  29. Disparate
    Unequal; dissimilar; different
  30. Contiguous
    Touching; adjoining and close, but may not be touching
  31. Zealot
    Believer; enthusiast; fan
  32. Nettle
    To annoy; to irritate
  33. Render
    To deliver; to provide
  34. Respite
    Recess; rest period
  35. Workaday
  36. Wooden
    To be expressionless or dull
  37. Epitome
    Model; typification; representation
  38. Arcane
    Obscure; secret; mysterious
  39. Bereft
    Hurt by someone's death
  40. Profusion
    Great amount; abundance
  41. Blithe
    Happy; cheery; merry
  42. Voluble
    Fluent (characterized by a great flow of words; talkative)
  43. Impervious
    Impenetrable; not allowing anything to pass through; unaffected
  44. Verbose
    Wordy; talkative
  45. Antipathy
    A natural dislike or repugnance
  46. Upshot
    The final act or result
  47. Contravene
    To act contrary to; to oppose or contradict
  48. Ungainly
    Clumsy and unattractive
  49. Guise
  50. Implacable
    Unwilling to be pacified or appeased
  51. Tumid
    Swollen; inflated
  52. Truculent
    Fierce; savage; cruel
  53. Infamy
    A bad reputation
  54. Abstruse
    Hard to understand; deep; recondite
  55. Petulant
    Peevish; cranky; rude
  56. Immutable
    Unchangeable; permanent
  57. Amalgamate
    To mix; to merge; to combine
  58. Cant
    Insincere or hypocritical statements of high ideals; the jargon of a particulat group or occupation
  59. Fortuitous
    Happening accidentally
  60. Vilify
    To speak abusively of
  61. Tepid
    Lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm; luke warm
  62. Innocuous
    Harmless; innocent
  63. Desecrate
    To profane; violate the sanctity of
  64. Knavery
    Rascality; trickery
  65. Convoke
    To call to assemble
  66. Breadth
    The distance from one side to another
  67. Undermine
    To weaken; to ruin
  68. Intercede
    To plead on the behalf of another; to mediate
  69. Constrain
    To force, compel; to restrain
  70. Chastise
    To punish; to discipline; to admonish; to rebuke
  71. Liaison
    Connection; link
  72. Stridency
    Harshness or shrillness sound
  73. Bastion
    A fortified place or strong defense
  74. Mar
    To damage
  75. Tenuous
    Thin; slim; delicate; weak
  76. Anecdote
    A short account of happenings
  77. Devoid
    Lacking; empty
  78. Conglomeration
    Mixture; collection
  79. Sordid
    Filthy; base; vile
  80. Soporific
    Causing sleep
  81. Solemnity
  82. Stoic
    Detached; unruffled; calm; austere indifference to joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
  83. Foist
    To falsely identify as real
  84. Whet
    To sharpen
  85. Ratify
    To make valid; confirm
  86. Sedition
    A revolt
  87. Debacle
    Disaster; collapse; a rout
  88. Discourse
    To converse; to communicate in an orderly fashion
  89. Somber
    Dark and depressing; gloomy
  90. Subjugate
    To dominate or enslave
  91. Cogitate
    To think hard; to ponder; to meditate
  92. Reticent
    Silent; reserved; shy
  93. Incredulous
    Skeptical; unbelieving
  94. Repast
    Food that is eaten
  95. Pious
    Religious; devout; dedicated
  96. Regal
    Royal; grand
  97. Recalcitrant
    Stubbornly rebellious
  98. Rebuff
    A blunt refusal to offered help
  99. Antagonism
    Hostility; opposition
  100. Raucous
    Disagreeable to the sense of hearing; harsh; hoarse
  101. Jocund
    Happy; cheerful; genial; gay
  102. Pulchritude
  103. Obsequious
    Servilely attentive; fawning
  104. Sovereign
  105. Veracious
    Conforming to fact; accurate
  106. Polemicist
    A person skilled in argument
  107. Stanza
    Group of lines in a poem having a definite pattern
  108. Phlegmatic
    Without emotion or interest
  109. Tensile
    Undergoing or exerting tension
  110. Indelible
    That which cannot be blotted out or erased
  111. Tyranny
    Absolute power; autocracy
  112. Laconic
    Sparing of words; terse, pithy
  113. Pejorative
    Making things worse
  114. Adversaries
    An enemy; foe
  115. Diverge
    To separate; to split
  116. Parsimony
    A tendency to be over careful in spending
  117. Parsimonious
    Very frugal; unwilling to spend
  118. August
    To be imposing or magnificent
  119. Lunge
    To move suddenly
  120. Inchoate
    Not yet fully formed; rudimentary
  121. Bungler
    A clumsy person
  122. Torpid
    Lacking alertness and activity; lethargic
  123. Sagacious
  124. Halcyon
    Tranquil; happy
  125. Innuendo
    Hint; insinuation
  126. Repudiate
    To reject; to cancel
  127. Obdurate
  128. Noxious
    Harmful to one's health
  129. Nostrum
    A questionable remedy
  130. satire
    a novel or a play that uses humor or irony to expose folly
  131. mandate
    order; charge
  132. determinate
    distinct limits
  133. imbue
    to dye or to permeate
  134. nefarious
    villainous or wicked
  135. tacit
    not voiced or expressed
  136. malediction
    curse; evil spell
  137. knotty
    to be puzzling or hard to explain
  138. munificent
    very generous in giving; lavish
  139. dirge
    a hymn for a funeral; a song or poem expressing lament
  140. pallor
    lack of facial color
  141. venerate
    to revere
  142. misanthrope
    a hater of mankind
  143. mercurial
    quick; changeable; fickle
  144. assuage
    to lessen or calm
  145. paradigm
    model; prototype; pattern
  146. conceit
    an exaggerated personal opinion
  147. apocryphal
    counterfeit; of doubtful authorship or authenticity
  148. scanty
    inadequate; sparse
  149. malefactor
    an evil person
  150. reproach
    to blame and thus make feel ashamed; to rebuke
  151. catalyst
    anything which creates a situation in which change can occur
  152. saunter
    to walk at leisurely pace; to stroll
  153. condone
    to overlook; to forgive
  154. percussion
    striking one object against another
  155. consternation
    amazement or terror that causes confusion
  156. pittance
    small allowance
  157. coagulate
    to become a semisolid, soft mass; to clot
  158. lecherous
    impure in thought and act
  159. rebuttal
  160. duress
    force; constraint
  161. replete
    well supplied
  162. caprice
    a sudden, unpredictable, or whimsical change
  163. sequester
    to separate or segregate
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