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  1. most common exogenous cause of human cancers
  2. forms of tobacco consumption
    cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco(snuff chewing tobacco, etc.), second hand smoke
  3. most preventable cause of human death
  4. within 5 years tobacco cessation
    reduces overall mortality, and risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer mortality decreases by 21% but excess risk lasts for 30 years
  5. diseases associated with tobacco consumption
    bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer (COPD causes bronchitis and empysema)
  6. risk of developing lung cancer related to the intensity of exposure is
    pack years
  7. incidence of lung carcinomas in abestos workers and uranium miners who smoke over those who dont smoke is
    ten times
  8. interaction between alochol consumption and what in the development of oral cancers multiplies the risk of it?
  9. cancers of the oral cavity esophagus pancreas and bladder are caused by
  10. smoke and smokeless tobacco interact with what in the development of laryngeal cancers
  11. what causes teh development of atherosclerosis and MI
  12. increased alcohol consumption per day and increased smoking per day leads to a multiplicative risk of
    laryngeal cancer
  13. increased platelet aggregation, decreased myocardial oxygen supply, increased oxygen demand, decreased threshold for ventricular fibrillation, multiplicative effect on the incidence of MI when combined with hypertension and hypercholestorolemia is the mechanism of what in atheroscleorsis and MI
  14. risk of spontaneous abortions preterm births and intrauterine growth retardation is caused by
  15. exposure to environmental tobacco smoke(passive smoke inhalation) is estimated by measuring blood level of
    COTININE, a metabolie of nicotine
  16. risk of lung cancer in non smokers exposed to smoke is how much higher than non smokers not exposed to smoke?
    1.3 times more
  17. exposure to environmental tobacco in home to children may lead to development of
    respiratory illness and asthma
  18. which smoke constituents in tobacco cause carcinogenesis
    tar, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene, and nitrosamine
  19. which smoke constituents in tobacco cause Ganglionic stimulation and depression; tumor promotion
  20. which smoke constituents in tobacco cause impaired oxygen transport and utilization
    carbon monoxide
  21. which smoke constituents in tobacco cause tumor promotion, mucosal irritation
  22. which smoke constituents in tobacco cause toxicity to cilia, mucosal irritation
    formaldehyde and oxides of nitrogen
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