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  1. what are the four perspectives of psychology?
    Biological, cognitive, behavioral, sociocultural
  2. what is Biological perspective?
    physiological hardware like the brain and the nervous system (Internal cause of behavioral)
  3. what is the cognitive perspective?
    focusus on how our mental process, such as perception, memory and problem solving work and impact our behavior (Internal cause of Behavior)
  4. what is the behavioral perspective?
    emphesizes conditioning of our behaviors by environmental events (External cause of behavior)
  5. What is sociocultural perspective?
    focuses on impact of other pople and our as the major determinors our our behavior and mental processing. (External cause of behavior)
  6. what is the descriptive method?
    main purpose is to provide objective and detailed descriptions of behavior and mental processes, such as case study, survey research.
  7. What is correlational study?
    2 variables are measured to determine if they are related consists of:variable, correlation coefficient, statter plots (main goal is to predict)
  8. What is experimental research?
    the researcher controls the experimental setting consists of experiment, experimental group, controll group, operational deffinction, placebo effect, placebo group, inforential statistical analysis, and double blind procedure(main goal is to explain)
  9. what are the two types of conditioning?
    Operant (Reinforcing or punishing), classical(Ivan Pavlon tought his dogs to believe when high pitch tone food is on the way)
  10. What is corelation coefficient?
    static that tells us the type and the strenght of relationship between 2 variables
  11. What is positive corelation?
    direct relationship between 2 variables
  12. What is negative corelation
    inverse relationship between two variables
  13. What is the independent variable?
    variable that is a hypothesied casue and thus is manipulated by the experimenter
  14. what is the dependent variable?
    variable that is hypothesied to be affected by the independent variable and tus is measued by the experimenter
  15. what is hypothesis?
    A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation
  16. what is placebo affect?
    improvement due to the expectation of imporving becasue of receiving treatment
  17. what is operational definition?
    descritpion of the operations or procedures the researcher uses to manipulate or measue a variable
  18. What is experimental group?
    group exposed to te independed variable
  19. what is control group?
    group not exposed to the independent variable
  20. What is survey?
    uses questionier and interviews to collect information about the beleves and attitudes of particular group of people (population, sample, random sampeling)(description)
  21. What is naturistic observation?
    unobrusively observe behabiour of a group in its natural setting (goal is to describe)
  22. What is case study?
    study an individual in depth over an extened period of time (goal is to describe)
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