Chapter 6

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  1. Sonographic findings of chronic hepatitis include:
    course parenchymal echoes with decreased brightness and echogenicity of liver
  2. A common site for Echinococcal virus growth is the ___.
  3. A bull's eye appearance with a dense central core in a liver mass may be present as a result of ___.
    tumor necrosis
  4. Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is definitively diagnosed by ___.
    lymph node biopsy
  5. A vascular tumor composed of blood vessel cells with nonspecific sonographic findings is:
  6. All of the following are complications of liver transplantation except:
  7. Mr. M. Bubble presents for his routine s/p liver transplant sonogram. He is experiencing some mild abdominal discomfort but he has not been eating healthy. His liver appears to be normal size without any evidence of ascites. the sonographer identifies the portal vein flow to be hepatopetal with a diameter of 1.3cm. the hepatic artery, and IVC appear to be patent and without thrombosis. What should the next management technique be?
    sonogram report to be sent to referring physician as a normal study. No additional radiology support necessary.
  8. In massive liver failure post transplant, advanced necrosis can result in ___.
  9. What benign liver tumor is commonly found in patients with type I glycogen storage disease?
    a hepatic adenoma
  10. A glandular epithelial tumor of the liver composed of normal or slightly atypical hepatocytes and found more commonly in women is termed a ___. It is closely associated with oral contraceptive use.
    liver cell adenoma
  11. Marynell Maloney, age 42 yrs old, comes in for her routine liver sonogram. Her cholesterole level is slightly elevated with all other LFTs within normal range. The sono reveals two masses adjacent to each other, measuring 2.8cm and 1.5cm. respectively, in the right lobe of the liver. They look to be separated by bands of fibrous tissue and appear well defined and heyperechoic. There is no increased blood flow present. Most likely diagnosis?
    focal nodular hyperplasia
  12. Identify the liver disease that is associated with immunocompromised hosts such as HIV patients. Sono it presents with a bull's eye target lesion
    hepatic candidiasis
  13. Hapatocellular disease can be difined as a process that affects the:
    hepatocytes and interferes with liver function
  14. Which liver disease possesses the greatest threat to healthcare workers?
    Hepatitis B
  15. The most common benign tumor of the liver is __/
    cavernous hemangioma
  16. What is the most common area where focal sparing occurs within the liver?
    anterior to the gallbladder
  17. Elevation of alkaline phosphatase is most often associated with __.
    biliary obstruction
  18. elevated white blood cell count. He states that 3 months ago he was kicked in the ribs. An irregular mass showing low-level echoes is found on the sono. What is your differential diagnosis?
    echinococcal cyst
  19. What is a significant clinical characteristic of Budd-Chiari?
  20. Fatty infiltration classification has___ grades.
  21. Patients who are diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma are likely to have had ___in the past
  22. The most common form of neoplastic disease of the liver is ___.
    metastatic disease
  23. The term for liver inflammation as well as infectious diseases of the liver is called ____.
  24. Normal portal venous blood flow should be ___liver.
  25. In glycogen storage disease, Type I is the most common. This is known as:
    von Gierke's disease
  26. An amebic abscess often reaches the liver throug the ___.
    portal vein
  27. Elevation of serum bilirubin can clinically result in ___.
  28. Budd-Chiari syndrome is a rare disorder caused by obstruction of the ___.
    hepatic veins
  29. In severe hepatocellular destruction, the AST and ALT are:
  30. In the post operative transplant patient, what is the most serious complication?
    hepatic artery thrombosis
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