Spanish beat large

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  1. Spanish had superior arnament
    firearms and cannons. Horses were very useful.
  2. Diseases that the Spanish brought.
    small pox killed most of the aztecs.
  3. Spanish had different style of warfare.
    They viewed it as an art or science. The indians viewed it as a large component of religion.
  4. Spanish took advantage of internal division or using their enemies usefully.
    Spanish took advantage of civil war that the incas had going on. Cortes used Tlaxacans to build up his army and go in tenochtitlan once more.
  5. Disadvantage that the indians.
    They would submit themselves easily whenever their emperor got conquered.
  6. Similarities
    Pizarro tried to conquer the emperor so the indians can submit themselves easier.

    Both took as much gold and silver as they can.

    Both held the emperor in hostage.
  7. differences
    Pizarro went straight to ambushing the Incas. Cortes tried to disguise himself as a god to get them to submit.

    Also the Incas were split internally. They were at a civil war. Aztecs were united.
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