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  1. Creoles thought that the system benefited Peninsulares more.
    They were denied higher position jobs
  2. Political
    • Intendent System- new tax collection system
    • - outlawed repartimiento.
    • -These new jobs were for peninsulares.
    • -Couldnt get Military fueros because that was a top job. Creoles were denied high positions.
  3. Economic
    • -Spain restricted latin american countries to trade with anyone else but Spain.
    • -Mercantilism
    • -Colonies couldnt compete with Spain.
    • - were restricted from producing goods that were made in Spain already.
    • - Creoles thought they got less money for what they were making.
    • - Growth w/o development.
  4. Religious
    • -Creoles were denied highest positions.
    • -Spanish expelled Jesuits.
    • - Jesuits were the teachers that ran the education system.
    • - Education system went down for ten years.
    • - Hurt creoles.
    • -Spanish inquisition started to restrict more and more things that can be learned in school. Narrowing the mentality of a creole/casta.
  5. Social
    • -Creoles did not want equality with Castas. Only to Peninsulares.
    • -1793 Castas can got to universities .
    • -1797 Castas can attend graduate school.
    • -1784 slave branding prohibited.
    • -dept peons can runaway easier. hurt creoles because they ran the haciendas.
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Creoles discontent with political economic social and religious factors.
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