phys lab quiz 2

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  1. Molecular motion
    reflects the kinetic energy of molecules and is random and erratic
  2. Velocity of molecular movment
    is lower in larger molecules and increases with increasing temps
  3. passive processes
    • Account for the movement of fats and respiratory gases through the plasma membrane
    • include osmosis, simple diffusion and filtration
    • use hyrostatic pressure or molecular energy as the driving force
  4. Active processes
    • explain solute pumping, phagocytosis and pinocytosis
    • may occur against concentration and or elecrical gradients
    • move ions amino acids and some sugars accross the plasma membrane
  5. Epithelium
    • Lines body cavity and covers the body's external surfaces
    • cells my absorb secreate and filter
    • synthesizes hormones
  6. Muscle
    • Pumps blood flushes urine out of the body allows to swing a bat
    • major function is to contract
    • transmits electochemical impulses
  7. Nervous
    • transmits electochemical impulses
    • most involved in reulating and contoling body functions
    • forms nervs ing the brain
  8. Concective
    • Anchors, packages, and supports body organs
    • most durrable tissue type
    • abundant nonliving extracellular matrix
    • most widespread tissue in the body
  9. Dense
    • Attaches bones to bones and muscles to bones
    • the dermis of the skin
  10. Adipose
    • Acts as a storage depot for fat
    • insolates against heat loss
  11. Fibrocartilage
    makes up the interverterbral discs
  12. osseous
    • forms the hip bone
    • Matrix hard owing to calcium salts provides levers for muscles to act on
  13. Areolar
    Composes basment membranes a soft packaging tissue with jelly like matrix
  14. Hyaline cartalage
    • forms the lyrnx the costal cartilage of the ribs and the embriotic skeleton
    • firm structurally amorphous matrix heavily invaded with fibers appers glassy and smooth
  15. Elastic Cartilage
    provides a flexible framework for the external ear
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