32 Anesthesia

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  1. Licensed Physican educated and skilled in DELIVERING of anesthesia?
  2. Qualified RNs, dentists, or physicians administering anesthesics are
  3. Absence of normal sensation is
  4. Pain relief without anthesia is
  5. Preanesthetic Care are:
    • Heath care provider's explains risks and benefits of anesthesia
    • Obtain client signed consent
    • Complete preopertive orders executed
    • Check, verify, and document allergies
    • % Do not leave order until complete everthing.
  6. During preanesthetic care one has to make sure that they Do not?
    Leave order until everything is complete.
  7. During preanesthetic are you can administer regular what?
    daily medications with a small sip of water as ordered.
  8. During preadministered care you must remind the client of?
    The importance o eating or drinking restrictions and administer preoperative medications at ordered time.
  9. %Make sure that the client's consents are in order and included where?
    In the chart
  10. During preanesthetic care if the client responds abnormally to preoperative medications, notify?
    The anesthesia dept. immmediately
  11. During preanesthetic care BE SURE that the client's ________ is complete before going to the operating room.
  12. Reduction of stress, excitement or irritability during sedation is
    Central nervous system depression (CNS)
  13. % Sedative drugs can be used alone for a combination to produce synergenic affect meaning...
    (creating an effect greater > than that of a single drug)
  14. Sedation monitoring consists of sedation often used to alleviate anxiety and discomfort during local anesthesia, and
    • % During sedation, the client must remain conscious and in control of own airway and breathing
    • % Monitoring the client's breathing and vital signs should be one person's only duty
  15. During sedation monitoring the client's breathing and vitals should consist of how many people?
  16. During sedation, the client MUST remain conscious and in control of own what?
    Airway and breathing
  17. %The residual effects of sedation are?
    • Sedation usually persists beyond duration of procedure
    • Amnesia common (Mrs. Jen daughter at Shirleys)
    • Give instructions in writing
    • Monitor client until medications wear off enough for the client to wake and become oriented.
  18. Sedation persists beyond duration of what?
    The procedure
  19. %REGIONAL ANESTHESIA: The region of the body temporarily rendered insensible to pain by injection through:
    • Local anesthesia
    • Nerve blocks
    • Spinal and epidural blocks
    • Small amt of anesthetic drug injected either into the skin and the subcutaneous tissues around a cut or at the site of needle puncture for central line placement.
    • Commonly used lidocaine
    • Lasts approximately 1 hr
  21. Commonly used local anesthetic is
  22. Lidocaine is
    A local anesthesia and is short-acting in 1 hour
  23. Nerve blocks last
    1-12 hours
  24. A local anesthetic injected more deeply into the body and/or directed at specific nerves are
    Nerve blocks
  25. Often used are Lidocaine, Mepivacaine, or bupivacaine for
    Nerve block
  26. %Spinal injections last?
    1-3 hours
  27. Injected cerebrospinal fluid and injected in 1-3 hours is?
    Spinal blocks
  28. injected into the epidural space near teh spinal cord is?
    Epidural blocks
  29. Can be continued as long as local anesthetic injected through the catheter into the epidural space?
    Epidural block
  30. %Temporary blockage of nerves carrying instructions to skeletal muscles is
    Residual motor block
  31. %Normal sensation not returning completely on discharge from recovery?
    Residual sensory block
  32. Safe anesthesia for surgery in teh abdomen, pelvis or lower extremities
    Postdural puncture headache may occur where
    Spinal and Epidural blocks
  33. Treatment for spinal and epidural blocks are
    adequate hydraton, analgesics, bed rest in the supine position, and performance of epidural blood patch
  34. Residual sympathetic block is also known as?
    Orthostatic hypotension
  35. Who will determine how many hours or anesthesia the patient is going to get?
    The doctor
  36. %Involves unconciousness, complete insensibility to pain, amnesia, motionlessness, and muscle relaxation
    General anesthesia
  37. %Airway, breathing, hearte rate and temperature regulation controlled by anesthesia provider is
    General anesthesia
  38. Four stages of General anesthesia are:
    • Maintenance
    • Induction

    • Emergence
    • Recovery
  39. Allowing drugs to wear off is
  40. May take days or weeks is
  41. Maintaining anesthesia with a combination of IV and inhaled drugs is
  42. Going to sleep or inserting oral airway is
  43. %Post operative pain management deals with the amt of medications needed depends on:
    • Intensity and type of pain
    • Size of client
    • Clients age (elderly lower dosese of opiods)

    hint: CSI
  44. Post operative pain management results from?
    • Tissue injury
    • Release of local and hormonal substances
    • Inflammation
    • Mental outlook

    hint: TRIM and pain scale
  45. Allows the clients to self-administer pain medication by pushin button, but will NOT deliver unlimited amts are
    PCA (hospice)
  46. PCA results in
    • Better pain relief
    • Reduction in nursing time
  47. Respiratory 4 things to check
    • Rate
    • Rhythm
    • Effort (really trying to breath)
    • Pulse ox
  48. %Things needed to know during Postanesthesia care
    • Report decrease in HR and BP
    • Immediately report breathing difficulty to anesthesia provider
    • Verify client's ability to stand or walk
    • Assess for bladder distention

    • Do not allow client to rub eyes
    • hint: RIVA D
  49. %THis need to know with Postanesthesia care
    • If epidural catheter, ensure client is changing positions
    • Report HA that gest worse with sitting or standing
    • Before giving discharge instructions, write out and review
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