Psychology 210 7-9

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  1. learning roles of culture as a child
  2. systems view of parents how many influence development of children?
    all influnences: neighborhood, extended family.
  3. parenting type that has rules and child pbeys them no questions asked
    Authortarian parents
  4. parents that child is self-reliant and friendly
    Authoratitive parenting
  5. child asks for a car and parents say no but explained why
    Authoratitive parenting
  6. aggressive children have what type of parents?
  7. when a child says please and you praise them you are using what?
  8. aggressive to brother or sister - which is least effective overtime?
    less aggressive.
  9. when parents are in conflict what is the child most likely to feel?
  10. child's temperment and parenting style-
    they affect each other
  11. birth order- which is most likely to go to college?
  12. divorce and kids what is most likely to happen?
    less social income
  13. child abuse- most frequent-
  14. adult abused child because of-
    parent was abused, child is sick, child is small, parents isolated
  15. high self esteem high school kids come from what group
    high status
  16. general types of of physical developmentin puberty
    body changes, several maturation
  17. 16 year old most likely to die in fire arms from what ethnic group
    a. american
  18. 16 year old female what ethnic group to die in auto crash
    european american
  19. american teenager more or less likely that risky behavior is risky for someone else
    more- overstatement
  20. their own behavior
    less- understatement
  21. illusion of invulnerability
    nothing bad will happen to them
  22. kohlberg pre- convential relies on what
    obedience to authority
  23. moral decision based on one will aggree with social norms
  24. when are personal murals most important
    post canvential
  25. gilligan says kohlberg's view did not include what?
    women's views
  26. erikson- crisis adolesentsgo through what?
    identity vs. role confusion
  27. erikson and piget agree on what?
    development occurs in stages
  28. 16 year old
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