MGKT Chapter 9 pt 2

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  1. Marketing Information
    everyday information about developments in the marketing enviornment that managers use to prepare and adjust marketing plans
  2. decision support system (DSS)
    an interactive, flexible computerized information system that enables managers to optain and manipulate information as they are making decisions
  3. marketing research problem
    determining what information is needed and how that information can be obtained efficiently and effectively
  4. marketing research objective
    the specific information needed to solve a marketing research problem; the objective should be to provide insightful decision-making information
  5. Management decision problem
    a broad-based problem that uses marketing research in order for managers to take proper actions
  6. marketing research aggregator
    a company that acuires, catalogs, reformats, segements, and resells reports already published by marketing research firms
  7. research design
    specifies which research questions must be answered, how and when the data will be gathered, and how the data will be analyzed
  8. mall intercept interview
    a survey research method that involves interviewing people in the common areas of shopping malls
  9. computer-assisted personal interviewing
    an interving method in which the interivewer reads the questions from the computer screen and enters the respondent's data directly into the computer
  10. computer-assisted self-interviewing
    an interviewing method in which a mall interviewer intercepts and directs willing respondents to nearby computers where the respondent reads questions off a computer screen and directly keys his or her answers into a computer
  11. central-location telephone (CLT) facility
    a specially designed phone room used to conduct telephone interviewing
  12. executive interview
    a type of survey that involves interviewing businesspeople at their offices concerning industural products or services
  13. focus group
    seven to ten people who participate in a group discussion led by a moderator
  14. mystery shoppers
    researchers posing as customers who gather observational data about a store
  15. experiment
    a method a researcher uses to gather primary data
  16. sample
    a subset from a larger population
  17. universe
    the population from which a sample will be drawn
  18. scanner-based research
    a system for gathering information froma single group of respondentsby continuously monitoring the advertising, promotion, and pricing they are exposed to and the things they buy
  19. BehaviorScan
    a scanner-based research program that tracks the purchases of 3,000 households through store scanners in each research market
  20. infoscan
    a scanner based sales-tracking service for the consumer packaged-goods industry
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