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  1. what are the four classical conditioning techiniques?
    Unconditioned sensation, considitioned sensetation, unconditioned response, conditioned response
  2. what is classical conditioning?
    aquiring a new response to a previouisly neutral stimulus that realbly signals the arrival of unconditioned stimulus
  3. what is extinction process?
    the diminishing of the conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus no longer follows the conditioned stimulus. The conditioned response my not be totaly lost during extinction
  4. what is operant conditioning?
    learning to associate behaviors with their consenquences. Behaviors the are reinforced will be strengthened and behabiors that are puniched will be weakened
  5. what is shaping?
    training a human or animal to make an operant response by reinforcing successive approximation of desired response.
  6. what is motivation?
    set of internal and external factors that energise our behavior and direct it toward goals.
  7. what is the drive reduction theory?
    theory of motivation that our behavior is motivated to reduce drives created by unsatisfyed bodily needs to return the body too balanced internal state
  8. what is arousal theory?
    theory of motivation proposes behaviors motivated to aintain an optimal level of physiological arousal
  9. what is extrinsic motivation?
    the desire to perform a behavior for external reinforcement
  10. what is inbrassic motivation?
    desire to perform a behavior for our own sake
  11. what is the overjustification effect?>
    decrease in intrinsically motivated behavior after the behavior is extrinsically reinforced and then reinforcement discontinued
  12. what is discrimitative stimulus?
    stimulus that has to be present for the operant response to be reinforced or punished
  13. what is stimulus discimination
    learning to give the operant response only in presence of the disriminative stimuli
  14. what is a reinforcer?
    stimulus that increases the probability of a prior response
  15. what is a punisher?
    stimulus that decreases the probability of prior response
  16. what is reinforcement
    process by which the probability of a response is increased by the presentations of a reinforcer following the response
  17. what is punishement?
    process by which the probability of a response is decreased by the presentation of a punisher following the response.
  18. what is appetitive stimulus?
    stimulus that the animal or huan find pleasant
  19. what is abbresive stimulus?
    stimulus find unpleasent
  20. what are the 5 processes in operant conditioning?
    acquisition, ixtiction, spontaneous recovery, generelazication and discrimination
  21. what is acqusition?
    refers to the strenghtening of the reinforced operant response
  22. what is sponteneous recovery?
    temporary recovery of the operant response following a break during extinciton training
  23. what is observational learning?
    learning by observing others and imitating their behavior
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