Patho Ch. 18

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  1. adrenergic
    related to sympathetic nervous system transmitters, norepinephrine and epinephrine
  2. anastomoses
    a connection between two blood vessels or tubes
  3. angioplasty
    repair of a blood vessle
  4. auscultation
    listening to sounds within the body
  5. autoregulation
    automatic regulation or reflex control of blood flow in an area depending on the local needs
  6. baroreceptors
    a sensory nerve receptor that is stimulated by a change in pressure
  7. bradycardia
    abnormally slow heart rate
  8. cardiomegaly
    abnormal enlargement of the heart
  9. depolarization
    act or process of neutralizing polarity
  10. ectopic
    away from the normal position
  11. electrodes
    tiny wires in adhesive pads that are applied to the body for ECG measurement
  12. endarterectomy
    removal of the intima and any obstructive material in an artery
  13. microcirculation
    blood flow in the very small blood vessels
  14. murmurs
    an abnormal sound heard in the heart, caused by a defective valve or opening in the heart
  15. orthopnea
    difficult or labored breathing when recumbent that is usually relieved by an upright position
  16. sulcus
    depression, especially in one in the brain surface, separating the gyri.
  17. syncope
    fainting, temporary loss of consciousness
  18. tachycardia
    excessively rapid heartbeat
  19. transmural
    involve full thickness of ventricular wall and these are most common
  20. subendocardial
    involve the inner 1/3-1/2 of the ventricular wall and occur most frequently in partially patent arteries
  21. myocarditis
    • inflammation of the heart muscle and conduction system
    • Causes- viruses in the heart
  22. cardiomyopathies
    group of disorders involving patho. changes to the heart muscle
  23. pericariditis
    inflammation of the pericardium
  24. endocarditis
    heart valves are continuous- swollen, red, inflammed. When better, turns to scar tissue
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