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  1. Fibroblasts
    produce fibers and ground substances that form the matrix
  2. leukocytes
    • white blood cells
    • found in connective tissue
  3. plasma cells
    lymphocytes turn into plasma cells when they detect foreign objects the plasma cells synthesize disease fighting proteins called antibodies
  4. mast cells
    found alongside blood vessels secrete heparin that inhibits blood clotting, and one called histamine that increase blood flow
  5. adipocytes
    fat cells small clussters in some fibrous connective tissues also known as adipose tissue
  6. collagenous fibers
    made of collagen they are tough and flexible and resist stretching
  7. reticular fibers
    thin collagen fibers coated with glycoprotien
  8. elastic fibers
    thinner then collagen fibers made of protien called elastin it strectches and recoils like rubber bands
  9. loose connective tissue
    much of the space is occupied , leaves empty space in in prepared tissue sections.
  10. dense connective tissue
    occupies more space appears closely packed
  11. aerolar tissue
    exhibits loosely organized fibers , posseses all six of the cell types
  12. reticular tissue
    a mesh of reticular fibers and forblasts
  13. dense regular connective tissue
    collagen fibers closely packed and leave little open space, fibers are parallel to each other
  14. dense irregular connective tissue
    thick bundles of collagen and relatively little room for cells and ground substance but the in random collagen bundles run in random directions
  15. hyaline cartilage
    clear glassy appearance
  16. cartilage
    supportive connective tissuewith flexible rubbery matrix
  17. elastic cartlige
    conspicuous elastic fibers
  18. spongy bone
    fills the head of long bones, forms middle layers of flat bones
  19. compact dense bone
    calcified tissue with no spaces visible to naked eye
  20. gland
    cell or organ that secretes substances for uses else where in the body or releases them from the body
  21. exocrine glands
    maintains contact with the surface by way of duct
  22. endocrine glands
    lose there contact with the surface and have no ducts
  23. scerous membrane
    composed of simple squamous epithelium resting on a thin layer of areolar connective tissue
  24. atrophy
    shrinkage of a tissue through loss in cell size or number
  25. necrosis
    the premature death of tissue due to trauma toxins infection
  26. infraction
    sudden death of tissue
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