NIC Test1

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  1. EdITOR
    Educational Interpreters & Transliterators
  2. HVO
    High Visual Orientation
  3. IDEA
    Individuals with Disabliltes Eduaction Act
  4. IFSP
    Individual Family Services Plan
  5. ITP
    Interpreter Training Program
  6. LOVE
    • Lingustics of Visual English
    • Invented by William Stokoe
  7. LRE
    Least Restrictive Environment
  8. MCE
    Mannually Coded English
  9. NERDA
    Not Even Realted to a Deaf Adult
  10. NMM
    Non Manual Markers
  11. NTID
    National Techincal Institute of the Deaf
  12. PSL
    Pidgin Sign Language
  13. SODA
    Sibling of a Deaf Adult
  14. SSP
    Sighted Supported Personel
  15. SSS
    Sign Supported Speech
  16. TRS
    Telecommunication Relay Service
    Newsletter Recived by RID memebers
  18. VR
    Vocational Rehabilitation
  19. VRI
    Video Relay Interpreting
  20. VRS
    Video Relay Services
  21. ASLTA
    American Sign Language Teacher Association
  22. SIG
    Special Interests Groups
  23. ACCI
    Old NAD certification
  24. LTA
    Local Test Adminstratiors
  25. CC
    Certification Council
  26. EPC
    Ethical Practices Committee
  27. SL & TL
    Source Language & Target Language
  28. NCI
    Naitonal Council on Interpreting
  29. RTS
    Regional Testing Sites
  30. CTB
    Computer Bases Testing
  31. HLAA
    • Hearing Loss Association of America
    • Formally Known as SHHH
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