Muscle origins and insertions

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  1. Origin/Insertion of "Occipitofrontalis (epicranius)"
    aponeurosis that extends over the skull; attaches to superior nuchal lines and to soft tissue of eyebrows
  2. Origin of "Levator labii superioris"
    lover margin of orbit above the infraorbital foramen
  3. Insertion of "Levator labii superioris"
    skin & muscle of upper lip
  4. Origin of "Levator palpebrae superioris"
    tendinous band around optic foramen
  5. Insertion of "Levator palpebrae superioris"
    connective tissue of upper eyelid
  6. Origin of "Orbicularis oculi"
    medial margin of orbit
  7. Insertion of "Orbicularis oculi"
    skin around eyelid
  8. Origin of "Zygomaticus major"
    zygomatic bone
  9. Insertion of "Zygomaticus major"
    orbicularis oris muscle at corners of mouth
  10. Origin of "Orbicularis oris"
    mandible and maxilla
  11. Insertion "Orbicularis oris"
    soft tissue at corners of mouth
  12. Origin of "Buccinator"
    alvelor process of mandible and maxillary bone
  13. Insersion of "Buccinator"
    orbicularis oris, deep muscle around mouth
  14. Origin "Platysma"
    upper thorax between cartilage of 2nd rib & acromion of scapula
  15. Insertion "Platysma"
    mandible and muscles around mouth, chin, and jaw
  16. Origin of "Temporalis"
    superior and inferior tempotal lines of parietal bone
  17. Insertion of "Temporalis"
    coronoid process of mandible
  18. Origin of "Masseter"
    Zygomatic arch
  19. Insertion "Masseter"
    angle and ramus of mandible
  20. Origin "Sternocleidomastoid"
    2 heads; one on manubrium, second on medieal clavicle
  21. Inserion "Sternocleidomastoid"
    mastoid process of temporal bone
  22. Origin "Sternohyoid"
    clavicle and manubrium
  23. Insertion "Sternohyoid"
    hyoid bone
  24. Origin "Rectus abdominis"
    superior surface of pubis near symphysis
  25. Insertion "Rectus abdominis"
    inferior surface of costal cartilages &xiphoid process
  26. Insertion "External Oblique"
    linea alba and anterior half of iliac crest
  27. Origin "External Oblique"
    external surface of lover 8 ribs
  28. Origin "Internal Oblique"
    iliac crest, lumbodorsal ligament
  29. Insertion "Transversus abdominis"
    linea alba and pubic crest
  30. Origin "Transversus abdominis"
    iliac crest, costal cartlage of lover 6 ribs , thoraco-lumbar fascia
  31. Origin "Diaphragm"
    xiphoid process, inner surfaces of lover 6 ribs, lumbar vertebrae
  32. Insertion "Diaphragm"
    central tendon of diaphragm
  33. Origin "Trapezius"
    occipital bone, ligamentum nuchae, spinous process of thracic vertebrae
  34. Insertion "Trapezius"
    outer third of clavicle, scaoular spine and acromion
  35. Origin "Rhomboideus major "
    spinous process of thoracic vertebrae
  36. Insertion "Rhomboideus major"
    vertebral border of scapula
  37. Origin of "Deltoideus"
    lateral 1/3 of clavicle, acromion process &spine of scapula
  38. Insertion "Deltoideus"
    deltoid tuberosity of humerus
  39. Origin "Pectoralis major"
    medial 1/2 of clavicle, body of sternum, cartilages ribs 2-6
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