Commercial Test Prep Flight Operations

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  1. What is the Clean Aircraft Concept?
    CARs prohibits takeoff when frost, ice or snow is adhering to any critical surface of the aircraft
  2. What are Critical Surfaces of an aircraft?
    Wings, control surfaces, propellers, horizontal stabilizers, vertical stabilzers or any other stabilizing surface
  3. What are COLD SOAKED WINGS?
    After flight fuel temp can be much colder than ambient temp. Aircraft will conduct heat away from precipitation so that thin sheet of clear ice can form on wing surface
  4. What is HOLDOVER TIME?
    The estimated time that an application of an approved de-icing/anti-icing fluid is effective in preventing frost, ice or snow from adhering to treated surfaces
  5. What is the difference between DE-ICING FLUIDS and ANTI-ICE FLUIDS?
    DE-ICING FLUIDS are designed to remove ice and frozen contaminants and ANTI-ICE FLUIDS are designed to temporarily stay off further contamination
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