Commercial Test Airframes Engines and Systems

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  1. 80/87 Fuel Colour?
  2. 100LL Fuel Colour?
  3. 100/130 (High Lead) Fuel Colour?
  4. Turbine Fuel Colours?
  5. How does Vapour Lock occur?
    In conditions of high temp when fuel is vaporized in fuel lines. Caused by 1. Lowering of fuel pressure 2. High fuel temp 3. Excessive fuel motion/turbulence
  6. What changes Fuel Density?
    Temperature changes density, the colder the temp the heavier the fuel
  7. What does the Mixture control?
    Amount of fuel that is sent through the discharge nozzle. High portion of fuel to air is rich mixture, low protion of fuel is lean
  8. At what temperature range can carburettor ice occur?
    From -6 C to 32 C
  9. What is a downside to Fuel Injected systems?
    Vapour lock during ground operations on hot days and difficulty starting hot engine
  10. What is a Supercharger?
    An internally driven compressor, powered directly by the engine. Purpose is to maintain sea level rated horsepower as altitude increases
  11. What is a Turbocharger?
    Impeller is powered by redirection of exhaust gases to increase pressure of the intake air
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