Thyroid Pathology

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  1. The most common cause of hyperparathyroidism is __.
    parathyroid adenoma
  2. A __ presents as a palpable midline mass between the hyoid bone and the isthmus of the thyroid. It is a spherical anechoic mass located anterior to the trachea.
    thyroglossal duct cyst
  3. The most common thyroid abnormality is ___.
  4. The parathyroid glands produce __, a hormone that affects bones, kidney and the intestines for calcium absorption.
  5. The most common type of thyroid malignancy is __.
    papillary carcinoma
  6. Given the nature of the thyroid size, function and physiology, most thyroid biopsies are performed:
    as a FNA
  7. Lymphoma in the thyroid gland is usually the __.
    non Hodgkins type
  8. What muscular structure lies posterior and lateral to the thyroid gland?
    longus colli muscle
  9. A 50 yr old patient who has undergone previous neck irradiation in his adolescence is seen for normal annual physical examination follow up. The referring physician has sent the patient for a neck sono simply because of his high risk history. The sono reveals a hypoechoic solid nodule with microcalcifications and increased vascularity. The most likely diagnosis is __.
    a malignant thyroid nodule
  10. What is the structure that arises from the isthmus and tapers superiorly anterior to the thyroid cartilage?
    pyramidal lobe
  11. What organ releases TSH?
    pituitary gland
  12. The esophagus is __ to the trachea
  13. The normal parathyroid glands should not measure more than __.
  14. A cystic formation lateral to the thyroid gland is typically a __.
    branchial cleft cyst
  15. The thyroid lobes are connected medially by the __.
  16. The most common cause of theyroid disorder worldwide is__.
    iodine deficiency
  17. 28yr old female patient with a recurrent, painless and diffusely enlarged thyroid gland is referred for neck sono. She denies any pain or discomfort. the sono reveals a hypoechoic but overall coarse homogeneous thyroid echotexture when compared to a normal thyroid texture. Also seen are multiple ill-defined hypoechoic areas separated by thickened fibrous strands. This is a typical appearance of __.
    Hashimoto's disease
  18. A cystic hygroma is most likely related to which of the following abnormalities?
    inadequate drainage of lymph fluid
  19. An oval, solid homogeneneous 3 cm mass is located adjacent to the posterior aspect of the midportion of the thyroid in a postmenopausal woman. The patient is being evaluated for hyperparathyroidism. The sono features of the mass, along with the patient's gender and age, make it suspicious for:
    parathyroid adenoma
  20. The approximate dimensions of a normal adult thyroid gland are:
    5cm length, 2cm wide, 2 cm depth
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