shoulder, arm and pectoral

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  1. deltoid
    • O- 1/3 lateral clavicle, acromion, spine of scapula
    • I- deltoid tuberosity
    • F- abduction (acromial), flexion, IR (clavicular part), extension, ER (spinous part)
    • N- axillary
  2. supraspinatus
    • O- supraspinous fossa
    • I- greater tubercle of humerus
    • F- abduction
    • N- suprascapular
  3. infraspinatus
    • O- infraspinous fossa
    • I- greater tubercle of humerus
    • F- ER
    • N- suprascapular
  4. Teres Minor
    • O- lateral border of scapula
    • I- greater tubercle of humerus
    • F- ER
    • N- axillary
  5. Teres Major
    • O- lateral border and inferior angle of scapula
    • I- crest of lesser tubercle of humerus
    • F- ER, extension,adduction
    • N- lower subscapular
  6. subscapularis
    • O- subscapular fossa
    • I- lesser tubercle of humerus
    • F- IR can assist with ext from flexed position
    • N- upper and lower subscapular
  7. pectoralis major
    • O- medial clavicle, manubrium and body of sternum, costal cartilages and aponerosis
    • I- crest of greater tubercle
    • F- adduct and IR, assist in flexion from extension (clavicular part) assist in extension from flexion (sternocostal part)
    • N-medial and lateral pectoral
  8. pectoralis minor
    • O- ribs 3,4,5
    • I- coracoid process
    • F- draw scapula forward, downward rot
    • N- medial pectoral nerve
  9. serratus anterior
    • O- upper 8 ribs
    • I- ant medial border of scapula
    • F- draw scapula forward and upward rotation
    • N- long thoracic nerve
  10. coracobrachialis
    • O- coracoid process
    • I- middle shaft of femur
    • F- flexion, adduction of arm
    • N- musculocutaneus
  11. biceps brachii
    • O- long head supraglenoid tubercle, short head coracoid process
    • I- radial tuberosity
    • F- shoulder flexion, elbow flexion, supination
    • N- musculocutaneus
  12. brachialis
    • O- shaft of humerus
    • I- ulna tuberosity
    • F- elbow flexion
    • N- musculocutaneus
  13. triceps brachii
    • O- long head infraglenoid tubercle, lateral head above radial groove, medial head below radial groove
    • I- olecranon of ulna
    • F- shoulder extension and adduction, elbow extension
    • N- radial
  14. anconeus
    • O- lateral epicondyle of humerus
    • I- olecranon of ulna
    • F- extend elbow
    • N- radial nerve
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