Eye: Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

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  1. distance visual acuity
    measure of the ability to see the details and shape of identifiable objects from a specified distance, typically using a Snellen chart
  2. fluorescein angiography
    visualization and photography of retinal and choroidal vessels made as fluorescein dye, which is injected into a vein, circulates through the eye
  3. ophthalmoscopy
    use of an opthalmoscope to view the interior of the eye
  4. refraction
    measurement of refractive errors using a phoropter to determine best corrected vision and prescription for eye glasses or contact lenses
  5. phoropter
    instrument that holds corrective lenses in front of the eye to determine optical correction
  6. slit-lamp biomicroscopy
    use of a tabletop microscope to examine the eye, especially the cornea, lens, fluids and membranes
  7. sonography
    use of high-frequency sound waves to detect pathology within the eye such as foreign bodies or a detached retina
  8. tonometry
    use of a tonometer to measure intraocular pressure, which is elevated in glaucoma
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