Ear: Diagnostic

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  1. otitis externa
    inflammation of the external auditory meatus (canal)
  2. cerumen impaction
    excessive buildup of wax in the ear
  3. myringitis
    inflammation of the eardrum
  4. tympanitis
    inflammation of the eardrum
  5. otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  6. aerotitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear from changes in atmospheric pressure; often occurs in frequent air travel
  7. otosclerosis
    hardening of the bony tissue in the ear
  8. mastoiditis
    inflammation of the mastoid process; most commonly seen as a result of the spread of inflammation and infection in the otitis media
  9. eustachian obstruction
    blockage of the eustachian tube usually as a result of infection, as in otitis media
  10. acoustic neuroma
    benign tumor on the auditory nerve that causes vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss
  11. aplasia
    condition of absence or malformation of inner ear structures during embryonic development, resulting in hearing loss
  12. labyrinthitis
    inflammation of the labyrinth
  13. Ménière disease
    disorder of the inner ear due to an excessive buildup of endolymphatic fluid causing episodes of vertigo, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, and hearing loss; one or both ears can be affected, and attacks vary in frequency and intensity
  14. deafness
    general term for partial or complete hearing loss
  15. conductive hearing loss
    hearing impairment caused by interference with sound or vibratory energy in the external canal, middle ear, or ossicles
  16. sensorineural hearing loss
    hearing impairment caused by lesions or dysfunction of the cochlea or auditory nerve
  17. mixed hearing loss
    combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss
  18. presbyacusis/presbycusis
    hearing impairment in old age
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