Properties of Mixtures

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  1. a mixture has 2 defining characteristics:
    it has a variable composition, & it retains properties of it's components
  2. colloid
    a heterogeneous mixture in which one component is dispersed as very fine particles in another component so distinct phases are difficult to see
  3. Cohesion
    the intermolecular attraction between like-molecules
  4. the essential difference between a solution and a colloid is one of:
    particle size
  5. homogeneous mixture
    one with NO boundaries separating its components
  6. heterogeneous mixture
    has two or more phases
  7. the solvent ________ the solute
    the solvent DISSOLVES the solute; usually the solvent is the most abundant component of a given solution
  8. miscible
    when the substances in a solution are miscible, both can dissolve each other no matter what the proportion; this means that it might not be meaningful to name one the solvent and one the solute
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