Phys ch 10

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  1. Special senses
    vison hearing taste smell and equilibrium
  2. Somatic senses (General)
    Touch temp pain itch and proprioception
  3. Four types of sensory receptors
    • Chemoreceptors: chemicals
    • Mechanoreceptors: mechanical
    • Thermoreceptors: Temp
    • Photoreceptors: Light. Rods dim cones bright
  4. Olfactory info
    is the only one that is not first routed to the thalamus
  5. Perceptual threshold
    the level of stimulus intensity necessary for us to be aware of a particular sensation
  6. Lateral inhibition
    Enhances the contrast between the center of the receptive field and the edges of the field
  7. population coding
    the brain uses input from multiple receptors to calculate location and timing of a stimulus
  8. Tonic receptors
    the sensory neuron fires action potentials as long as the receptor potential (as long as there is stimulus) is above threshold
  9. Phasic receptors
    Respond to a change in stimulus intensity and are rapidly adoptive receptors
  10. Nociceptors
    Free nerve endings that respond to chemical mechanical or thermal stimuli that are preceived as pain or itch
  11. Fast pain
    Acute, Is transmitted rapidly by small myelinated A delta fibers
  12. Slow pain
    is carried on small unmediated fibers
  13. Referred pain
    From internal organs occurs when primary sensory neurons converge onto a single ascending tract
  14. Chronic pain
    Ia a pathological pain also known as neuropathic pain
  15. Taste is a combo of five senses
    Sweet sour salty bitter and umami
  16. Taste cells
    Non neural cells with membrane protiens that interact with taste ligands
  17. Hearing
    Is our perception of energy carried by sound waves
  18. Cochlea
    Of the inner ear contains three parallel fluid filled ducts
  19. Cochlear duct
    contains the organ of cortu which contains hair cells receptors
  20. Sound waves travel
    Tympanic membrane, malleus, incus, stapes, oval window, perilymph and endolymph
  21. Equilibrium
    Mediated through hair cells in the vestibular apparatus and semicirclar canals of the inner ear
  22. Vision
    is the translation of reflected light into a mental image
  23. The rerina
    Transduce light energy into an electrcal signal that passes to the visual cortex for processing
  24. Ciliary muscle
    Contracts or relaxes of the lens shape
  25. Light transmission
    Cornea, lens, rods, optic disk, optic chiasm, lateral geniculate body of the thalamus and visceral cortex of the optic lobe
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