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  1. Abdominal Regions?
    • Right upper Quadrant (RUQ)
    • Left Upper Quadrant (LUQ)
    • Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ)
    • Left Lower Quandrant (LLQ)
  2. Lateral
    Away from the Midline
  3. Medial
    Toward the Midline
  4. Proximal
    Towards the Body
  5. Distal
    Away from the Body
  6. Posterior (Dorsal)
    Toward the Back
  7. Anterior (Ventral)
    Towards the Front
  8. AODM
    Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus
  9. DDx
    Differential Diagnosis
  10. DNR and DNI
    Do Not Resuscitate and Do Not Intubate
  11. ETOH
    Alcohol Abuse
  12. IDDM
    Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
  13. IVDA
    Intravenous Drug Abuse
  14. I&D
    Incision and Drainage
  15. MVA
    Motor Vehicle Accident
  16. NAD
    No Acute Distress
  17. NKDA
    No Known Drug Allergies
  18. NPO
    Nada Per Os - Nothing By Mouth
  19. O2
  20. OD
    Over Dose
  21. OJI
    On the Job Injury
  22. PCP
    Primary Care Physician
  23. PICC
    Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
  24. RN
    Registered Nurse
  25. UDS
    Urine Drug Screen
  26. VS
    Vital Signs
  27. BP
    Blood Pressure
  28. ED
    Emergency Department
  29. AAA
    Abdominal Aortic Aneurism
  30. CABG
    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  31. CAD
    Coronary Artery Disease
  32. CHF
    Congested Heart Failure
  33. CPR
    Cardio Pulmonary Resistation
  34. ECHO
  35. EKG
  36. HTN
  37. NSR
    Normal Sinus Rhythm
  38. MI
    Myocardio Infraction
  39. DVT
    Deep Venous Thrombosis
  40. PTCA
    Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
  41. Cardi/o
  42. Brady/tachy
  43. Angi/o
  44. Veno/Phelbo
  45. -stasis
    to stop, to remain constant
  46. -cyte
  47. Hem/o,-emia
  48. Endocarditis
    Inflammation of Valves
  49. Myocarditis
    Inflammation of the Muscle
  50. Pericarditis
    Inflammation of the Pericardial Sac (Lining of the Heart)
  51. Bradycardia
    Slow Heart Rate
  52. Tachycardia
    Fast Heart Rate
  53. Angiography
    Reading the Angiogram
  54. Angiogram
    X-Ray of Artery
  55. Venogram
    X-ray of Veins
  56. Phlebitis
    Inflammation of the veins
  57. Hemostasis
    To Stop Bleeding
  58. Hemostat
    A Clamp-like Instrument
  59. Erythrocytes
    Red Blood Cells
  60. Leucocytes
    White Blood Cells
  61. Hypoxemia
    Low Oxygen
  62. Hematosalpinx
    Blood in the Uterine Tubes
  63. Infarction
    Area Affected by Lack of O2 (Myocardial Infarction=heart attack)
  64. Prolapse
    Not Ever Closing Tight (Mitral Prolapse=mitral valve not closing)
  65. Regurgitation
    Heart Murmur
  66. Pectoris
    Heart Lining
  67. Angina Pectoris (CP)
    Chest Pain (CP)
  68. Arrhythmia/Dysrhythmia
    RRR or Not Rhythmic
  69. Ischemia
    Lack of O2 in Blood Stream
  70. Cardiologist
    Circulatory and Heart Physician
  71. Hematologist
    Physician of diseases of the blood
  72. Echocardiogram
    EKG - Printout recording of the electrical activity of the heart
  73. Echocardiography
    US of Heart
  74. Cardiac Catheterization (Cardiac Cath)
    Catheter threaded into artery up into the heart
  75. Phlebotomist/Veinpuncturist
    Draws Blood for lab tests and may also start IVs
  76. Stenosis
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