Medical Title abbreviations

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  1. CMA
    Certified Medical Assistant

    Works in doctor's office assists in exams, draw blood and do office work
  2. RMA
    Registered Medical Assistant

    Must be able to assist in exams, draw blood, and do office work
  3. CNA
    Certified Nursing Aide

    Trained to work with nursing home patients. Sometimes will work in hosp. Being replaced by patient care technicians.
  4. EMT
    Emergency Medical Technician

    Provides emergency care away from a hospital setting. Advanced EMTs become paramedics.
  5. LVN, LPN
    • Licensed Vocational Nurse
    • Licensed Practical Nurse

    Supervised directly by a registered nurse. May do most procedures if trained & allowed by facility. Must have RN countersignature to administer blood products
  6. MD
    Medical Doctor

    Varies depending on specialty. May diagnose and prescribe medicines
  7. ME
    Medical Examiner

    Primarily required to pronounce a person dead or decide if a case warrants an autopsy.
  8. MLT
    Medical Lab Technologist

    Performs lab tests and phlebotomy (draws blood)
  9. NP
    Nurse Practitioner

    Assists physicians. May write orders and diagnosis under the supervision of physician.
  10. OT
    Occupational Therapist

    Assists patients in recovering daily activity skills
  11. PA
    Physician's Assistant

    Assists physicians. May write orders and diagnose under physician's supervision
  12. PT
    Physical Therapist

    Helps patients recover lost motor function due to illness or injury
  13. RHIT
    Registered Health Information Technician

    Manages the medical records. Can involve insurance coding & transcription -- formerly ART (Accredited Record Technologist)
  14. RN
    Registered Nurse

    Performs nursing tasks and administration. Oversees LPNs and is responsible for patient maintenance.
  15. RRT, RT
    • Registered Respiratory Therapist
    • Respiratory Therapist

    Respiratory care & treatments to include blood gas & ventilator management.
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