GRE Prefix

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  1. a / an
    • Without
    • amoral- without morals
    • atheist- one who does not believe in God
  2. ab- / abs-
    • -away from or separation
    • abhor (turn away from or loathe)
    • abjure (to swear away; renounce)
    • aberrant deviating from the norm
    • *** to abduct a body part is to move it away from the midline, or body. Ex: abducting the fingers spreads them apart.
    • Antonym= Adduct to move toward the midline or body.
  3. ad- ac- af-
    ag- al- ap-
    ar- as- at-
    • -twoard, bring something together
    • adducting the arm would be to lower it toward the body.
    • accost- to approach and speak to
    • adjunct- something added to
    • aggregate- bring together
  4. ambi- amphi-
    • both
    • ambiguous- uncertain in meaning (could mean both things)
    • ambivalent- both attracted to something and repelled by something (people are ambivalent to horror movies, love them and hate them)
  5. ante-
    • before
    • antediluvian- before the flood
    • antebellum- before the war
    • antecede- to go before
    • antecedent- that which went before
  6. anti-
    • against
    • antithesis- a contrast idea
    • antipathy- strong feeling of dislike
  7. aud-
    • hear or listen
    • auditory- relating to hearing
    • audient- listening or paying attention
  8. bi-
    • two
    • bipedal- having two feet
    • biennial- occuring every 2 years
    • bimanual- done with both hands
  9. circum-
    • around
    • circumnavigate- to fly or sail around
    • circumlocution- talk that is not to the point, roundabout talk.
    • circumscribe- to draw a line around; restrict
    • circumspect- prudent; looking around carefully
  10. di-
    • two / double
    • dichromatic- having 2 colors
    • dichotomy- separation into 2 parts
    • dilemma- choice between 2 undesirable alternatives
  11. il-/ im-/ in-/ ir-/ ig-
    • not
    • implacable-not to be appeased
    • inarticulate- not able to express oneself
    • illicit- not legal
    • inchoate- not organized; unformed
    • inert- not active
    • inept- not competent
    • irrevocable- not abe to be revoked
    • insatiable- not able to be satisfied
    • intransigent- not blexible
  12. luc-/ lum-/ lun-/ lus-
    • light
    • lucent-giving light; shinning
    • lumen- a unit of light
    • luminary- one who shines in a profession
    • luminescence- brightness
    • luminous- full of light
    • elucidate- to make clear (bring the light)
  13. mal- / male-
    • bad
    • maladroit- unskillful
    • malevolent- evil
    • malapropos- inappropriate
    • malfeasance- evil conduct
    • malediction- a curse
    • malodorous- having a bad odor
    • malefactor- an evildoer
  14. mis
    • wrong, bad, hate
    • misanthrope- hater of mankind
    • misogynist- hater of women
    • misnomer- the wong name
    • miscreant- an evil doer
    • miscast- badly cast
  15. mono
    • one
    • monotone- one unvaried pitch
    • monochromatic- one color
    • monogamy- having only 1 wife
    • monogyny- system permitting only one wife
  16. nat-/ nasc-
    • to be born OR spring forth
    • natal- relating to birth
    • innate- inborn
    • renascent- reborn
    • nascent- being born; developing
  17. pan-
    • all
    • panacea- a cure for all ills
    • pandemic- referring to all people
  18. phil-
    • love
    • philanderer- man who loves without serious intentions
  19. poly-
    • many
    • polydactally- many digets (someone who has more than the normal)
    • polymorphic- having many forms
  20. Prim-/ prime-
    • first
    • primacy- state of being first in rank
    • primal- first, original
    • primate- religious figure who is first in rank
  21. Pro-
    • in favor of, forward, forth
    • prolife- infavor of life
    • prolix- drawn out; needlessly prolonged
    • prolific- fruitful; bringing forth young or fruit
  22. ana-
    up, again, anew, throughout

    • analyze- loosen up, break up into parts
    • anagram- words spelled by mixing letters of another word
  23. arch-
    • first, chief
    • archetype - first model, or original
  24. auto-
    • self
    • automobile- self-moving
  25. bene- ben-
    -good, well

    benefactor- one who does good deeds
  26. com- co- col-
    con- cor-
    with, together

    • concentrate-bring closer together
    • cooperate- work together
    • collapse- fall together
  27. contra- contro- counter-

    contradict- speak against
  28. de-
    away from, down, opposite of

    detract- draw away from
  29. dia-
    across, through

    diameter- to measure accross
  30. dis-, di-
    not, away from

    • dislike- not like
    • digress- turn away from the subject
  31. dys-
    poor, bad

    dyslexia- poor reading
  32. equi-

    equilateral- equal distance
  33. ex-, e-, ef
    from, out

    • exaspirate- breath out
    • emit- send out
  34. extra-
    outside, beyond

    extraterrestrial- from beyond the earth.
  35. fore-
    infront of, previous

    • foreknowlege- knowing ahead of time
    • forecast- predicting
  36. homo-

    homomorphic- same shape
  37. hypo-
    too little, under

    • hypothermia- too little body temperature
    • hyponatrimea- too little sodium
  38. hyper-
    too much, over

    • hypertension- too much blood pressure
    • hyperkalemia- too much potassium
  39. in-/ il-/ ir-
    on, into, in

    • impose- place on
    • invade- go into
  40. intra- intro
    within, inside

    intrastate- within a state
  41. mis-, miso-

    misogyny- hatred of women
  42. neo-

    Neolithic- of the new stone age
  43. non-

    nonentity- a nobody
  44. ob
    over, against, toward

    obstruct- stand against
  45. omni-

    omnipresent- all places
  46. Peri-
    around, near

    periscope- device to see all around
  47. post

    postscript- message written after the original message
  48. pre-
    before, earlier than

    prejudice- judgement in advance
  49. re-
    back, again

    rethink- think again
  50. retro

    retrospective- looking backward
  51. se-
    apart, away

    seclude-keep away
  52. semi-

    semiconscious- half conscious
  53. sub- suc- suf-
    sug- sus-
    under, beneath

    • subscribe- write underneath
    • suffer-undergo
    • suspend- hand down
  54. super-
    above, greater

    Superman- above all other men, greater than other men
  55. syn- sym- syl- sys-
    with, at the same time

    • synthesis- a putting together
    • sympathy- feeling the same as others
  56. tele-
    seeing far

    telescope- allows you to see far away
  57. trans-

    transport- cary across a distance
  58. un-

    uninformed- not infromed
  59. vice-
    acting for, next in rank

    Vicepresident- next in line to be president
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