Map Exam 4

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  1. Cote d’Ivoire
    • Model of African Capitalism?
    • Economic boom of 1960s: cocoa, timber, coffee, and palm oil.
    • Africa’s model of capitalism
  2. Nigeria
    • The Geopolitics of Oil and Ethnic Strife.
    • Once assumed to be the cradle of democracy is now in political turmoil, ethnoregionalism, and economic mismanagement
    • Factors of decline: geopolitics of oil, deep-seated ethnic divisions, the excesses of military rule, greed, corruption, and mismangement.
    • Possesses the largest deposits of natural gas in Africa
  3. The Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Development Potential Gone Awry
    • Endowed with abundant natural resources but has not lived up to its development potential.
    • Most important factor accounting for poor economic performance was dictatorship.
  4. Tanzania
    • Model of African Socialism
    • Ujamaa policy was instituted to promote self-help, self-esteem, and local initiative along family, communal, and cooperative lines.
    • Achieved some measure of social equality in health care and education but nationalized industries slowed production down.
  5. Ethiopia
    • Model of African Socialism?
    • Government funtions as a federal parliamentary republic with devolved powers to regional, ethnic-based authorities.
    • A reform program was instituted to bring all rural and urban land under government control.
  6. Zimbabwe
    • The Challenge of Land Reform and Industrial Transformation
    • Land Reform and Resettlement Program: to acquire land from large-scale commercial farmers for distribution to landless people.
    • Fast Track Program
    • Dictatorship
    • Boasts a fairly large and diversified industrial sector that accounts for 30% of its economic output.
  7. Kenya
    • Transition of a Settler Colony
    • One of the most productive agricultural zones
    • Went to war, won, started getting land and political authority.
    • Authoritarian
    • World's 2nd largest exporter of tea
  8. Rwanda and Burundi
    • Recovering from Ethnic Genocide
    • Hutu and Tutsi --> Belgians hated them. Made them turn on each other.
    • Belgium was just bad news bears.
    • Gacaca court system: to promote unity, restore social harmony and exepdite trials.
  9. Angola
    • Recovering from Conflict
    • Long history of colonial exploitation and civil strife, until recently.
    • 3 movements: MPLA, FNLA, and UNITA
    • Civil war
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