Blood Vocab

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  1. hematocrit
    percentage of whole blood attributed to erythrocytes
  2. jaundice
    occurs in the liver, can't eliminate enough bilirubin, turns skin yellow
  3. erythropoiesis
    formation of erythrocytes
  4. macrophage
    phagocytize bacteria and debri
  5. reticulocyte
    lost all organelles except some ribosomes, but produces hemoglobin
  6. neutrophil
    most numerous leukocyte, 60-70%, fight bacterial infections
  7. lymphocyte
    b and t lymphs, virus fighters, 20-25%, reside in lymph structures
  8. leukocytosis
    elevated leukocyte count, infection or inflammitory response
  9. coagulation
    blood clot
  10. agglutinogen
    antigenic substance that can stimulate agglutinin formation
  11. agglutinin
    antibody that causes clumping with stimulating cells that contain the reactive antigen
  12. thrombus
    blood clot in vessel
  13. embolus
    blood clot that formed someplace else, breaks free, travels through the vascular system and becomes lodged somewhere else
  14. erythroblastosis fetalis
    Mother produces antibodies against the developing baby's red blood cells
  15. hypoxia
    lack of oxygen within the whole body or a region
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