MCAT GC Atomic Struc.

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  1. Fundamental unit of charge
    1.6*10-19 C
  2. Proton
    1 AMU, Determines atomic number of element. +1 Charge
  3. Neutron
    1 AMU, No Charge
  4. Electron
    No Mass, -1 Charge
  5. Avogado's Number
    6.022x1023; used to determine atomic weight.
  6. Planck's Constant
    6.626x10-34; used to determine energy value
  7. E=hf
    • E= Energy Value of Quantum
    • h= Planck's Constant
    • f= frequency of radiation
  8. Rydberg Constant
    2.18x10-18 J/electron
  9. E=-(RH/n2)
    • E = Energy of an electron
    • RH = Rydberg Constant
    • N = Principle quantum number

    (Higher Quantum Number Has Higher Energy)
  10. E=(hc/Wav)
    • E= Electromagnetic Energy
    • h = Planck's Constant
    • c = speedd of light
    • Wav = wavelength
  11. Speed of Light In Vacuum
    C = 3.00 x 108m/s
  12. Atomic Absorbtion Spectra
    Delta E is the same for any change between absorbing (moving out orbitals) and emitting (Moving in orbitals)
  13. Heisenberg uncertainty principle
    It is impossible to simultaneously determine, with perfect accuracy, both position and momentum of an electron.
  14. N
    • Principle Quantum Number
    • Determines which shell the electron is in.
    • Contains 2n2electrons
  15. l
    • Azimutal (Angular momentum) quantum Number
    • l equals all values from 0 to n-1
    • Electrons in Subshell = 4l+2
  16. ml
    • Magnetic Quantum Number
    • All intergers between -l and +l
    • There will always be 2l+1 possible values of ml
  17. ms
    • Spin Quantum Number
    • Only Values of +1/2 and - 1/2
  18. n+l Rule
    • Used to rank subshells in order of filling
    • If a tie occurs the lower n is filled first
  19. Hund's rule
    Orbitals are filled so there are a maximum number of half-filled orbitals.
  20. Paramagnetic vs. Diamagnetic
    Paramagnetic materials are attracted by magnetic fields due to the fact that they have unpaired electrons. Diamagnetic are the opposite.
  21. Valence Electrons
    The electrons in the outer shell that are available for interaction.
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