CAMRA Swiftwater

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  1. Where does swiftwater rank according to deadliness to public safety functions?
  2. What are the acceptable classes of PFD and flotation weight for swiftwater rescue?
    Type III/IV with 22 lbs flotation.
  3. What are the PPE necessary for swiftwater?
    PFD, helmets with draininage, wet or dry suit, blunt knife, booties, throw bag, strobe light, gloves, whistle
  4. What is the role of the first responder at a swiftwater scene?
    Secure the RP, determine number of victims, request addt'l resources, identify hazards, secure scene, conduct safe shore technical ops
  5. How are river directions communicated?
    Always face down stream, refer to river left or river right, and up or down river.
  6. How long can a person work/remain conscious in 40 degree water?
    7.5/30 minutes
  7. How long can a person work/ stay conscious in 50 degree water?
    15/60 min
  8. How long can a person work/ stay conscious in 60 degree water
    30/120 min
  9. What defines Class I water rapid?
    moving water, small wave
  10. What defines Class II water rapid?
    3 foot waves, large channel, no scouting required
  11. What defines Class III water rapid?
    High rapids, irregular waves, narrow passages, may need scouts
  12. What defines Class IV water rapid?
    Long difficult rapids, turbulent water, scouting required
  13. What defines Class V water rapid?
    Long violent rapids, portage and scout req'd
  14. What defines Class VI water rapid?
    Experts only, virtually impossible to navigate
  15. How is swiftwater volume measured and what is the formula?
    • Cubic Ft/sec
    • CFS = depth x width x water velocity
  16. What are the whistle commands for swiftwater?
    • Stop: 1 blast
    • Start upstream: 2 blast
    • Start downstream: 3 blast
    • Emergency: 3 long blast
  17. What is the swiftwater flow chart for addressing a victim in the water?
    • Talk
    • Reach
    • Throw
    • Row
    • Go
    • Helo
    • Always OK to say NO
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