TPR MCAT Physics Formulas

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  1. Electric Current
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  2. Resistance
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  3. Resistors Parallel and Series
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  4. Power in an electric circuit
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  5. Power in an AC circuit
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  6. Frequency and period of oscilation
    Frequency of simple Pendulum
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  7. Velocity of a wave
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  8. Velocity of ?
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  9. Harmonic wavelengths for 2 fixed ends or 2 open ends
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    • Wavelenght is the inverse of this without the velocity.
  10. force between two charges
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  11. Electric Field due to Q
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  12. Electric Force due to an electric field
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  13. Electric Potential due to charge Q
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  14. Potential energy of a charge in a potential difference
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  15. Magnetic Force
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  16. Capacitance
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  17. Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor
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  18. Electric Field between plates
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  19. Potential energy of a charge in an electric potential
    Potential energy of a capacitor
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  20. Capacitors in series
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  21. Capacitors in Parallel
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  22. Velocity of a sound wave
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  23. Intensity
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  24. Sound intensity in dB
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  25. Frequency and wavelength of a standing wave with one close end and one open end
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  26. Beat frequency
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  27. Detected Frequency due to Doppler Effect
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  28. energy of a photon
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  29. Index of refraction n =
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  30. Snell's law of refraction
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  31. When does Total Internal Reflection (TIR) occur?
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  32. Critical Angle when total reflection occur
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  33. Mirror Lense equation
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  34. focal length
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  35. Magnification
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  36. Lens power, P =
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  37. Lens Magnification, m =
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  38. Combination of different lens powers, Ptot =
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  39. Big rule #1 for waves
    • The speed of a wave IS determined by:
    • a. The characteristics of the medium
    • b. The type of wave
    • but it is NOT determined by its frequency.
  40. Big rule #2 for waves
    When a wave passes into another medium, its SPEED changes, but its frequency does not change
  41. In sound, pitch is a function of?
  42. in mirror and lens eququation, what does i stand for?
    image distance from the mirror or lens.
  43. in mirror and lens equation, what does m stand for?

    What are its notations?
    lens magnification.

    • +m = image upright
    • -m = image inverted.
  44. in light optics are real images upright or inverted?
    • virtual upright
    • real inverted
  45. density of water
    1000kg/m3 = 1g/cm3
  46. ρgwater
    1E4 kg/(m2s2)

    1E3 gm/(cm2s2)
  47. frequency of standing waves, one open end

    what are the possible n's?
    • f = nv/4L
    • n st be muan odd number (1, 3, 5)
  48. Define Intensity of a sound wave
    Energy transmitted per second (Power) per unit area.

    so W/m2
  49. What is the lowest intensity heard by the human hear? the baseline intensity Io?
    1E-12 W/m2
  50. What is the Intensity level (sound level) of a wave of sound wave of intensity I?
    log ( I / I0 )

    • in decibels:
    • dB = 10 log ( I / I0 )
  51. In intensity lebel calculations, how does the intensity level in dB change when I is multiplied or divided by 10?
    • I*10 -> dB + 10
    • I/10 -> dB - 10
  52. In the mirror and lens equation, how do we differentiate a virtual from a real image?
    • real images = + i
    • virtual images = - i
  53. How does the notation for focal length between mirror and lens equations?
    • +f converging
    • -f diverging

    • +f concave
    • -f convex
  54. in mirror and lense equation, + i / - i means
    • + i = real image
    • - i = virtual image
  55. in mirrors + (f, i, and o) are where in relation to mirror?
    same side as object
  56. in lenses, + i is where in relation to lense?
    opposite side from object
  57. what does + or - magnification mean?
    • +m = image upright
    • - m = image inverted
  58. mnemonic for electromagnetic spectrum from lowest to highest frequency
    • Real Men Induce Very Unusual seX Games
    • Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible light, Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma-rays
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