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  1. What are the 4 things you should know about the passage before reading the questions? And what acronym helps you remember?

    • 1) Scope of the passage
    • 2) Tone of the passage
    • 3) Organization of the passage
    • 4) Purpose of the passage
  2. How do you determine the scope of a passage?
    Identify the general topic, then the subtopic. The scope will then be specific to this case and establish boundries.
  3. What are you looking for when determining the tone of a passage?
    The author's viewpoint. For/against etc.
  4. What should you do to understand the organization of the passage?
    • 1) After each paragraph, pause & summarize the point.
    • 2) This helps build a mental road map from paragraph to paragraph
    • 3) Pay attention to signal/key words (however, but, similarly, because etc.)
  5. What should you use to help you determine the purpose of the passage?
    Scope, Tone, and Organization will lead to understanding the purpose.
  6. What does FUSION stand for and what should it be used for?
    Should be used to classify the question type.

    • Function
    • Universal
    • Specific
    • Inference
    • Other Critical Reasoning
    • Next Step
  7. What is a Function type of question? How do you recongize it?
    It asks why, why an author organized the paragraphs that way or chose specific words.

    A function question will reference a certain part of the passage and ask "why...." about it.
  8. What is a Universal type of question? How do you recongize it?
    It's a question relating to the passage as a whole. It may directly ask you to explain the Tone, Organization, or Purpose of the passage or even title it.
  9. What is a Specific type of question? How should you handle it?
    A specific queestion asks about details in the passage. Locate the portion that relates to it, and select the answer that must be true, based on the passage.

    Make sure the answer is true in regards to that specific question.
  10. What is the most commonly used key phrase for a specific question?
    "According to the passage..."
  11. What is an Inference type of question? How should you handle it?
    A question that requires you to draw a conclusion based on evidence in the passage. Thus it must be true.

    Approach it the same as the Specific question types; locate the relevant portion and choose the answer that it supports.
  12. What are Other Critical Reasoning question types?
    Types seen in critical reasoning; strengthen, weaken etc.
  13. What are Next Step question types? And how should you handle them?
    They ask what the author might write next to expand the passage.

    Look back at the last paragraph & particularly the last sentence. Choose an answer that logically flows next and fits the scope & tone of the passage.
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