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  1. rigor
    strictness or severity
  2. equanimity
    evenness of temper, esp. as a characteristic state
  3. concede
    to acknowledge as true
  4. coincide
    to occur at hte same time or be at the same place; to agree exactly
  5. implicate
    to incriminate; to show or suggest involvement
  6. lurid
    causing shock or horror; tastelessly vivid; glowing like a fire through a haze
  7. cabal
    a small group of secret plotters
  8. anathema
    someone or something that is hated
  9. negotiate
    to succeed in going over, coping with, or accomplishing
  10. abscond
    to go away hastily and secretly; to hide
  11. fete
    lavish entertainment; a festival
  12. exude
    to give off; to emit; to radiate
  13. consensus
    a position reached by a group as a whole or by majority will; general agreement
  14. concerted
    planned or accomplished together
  15. flank
    the side
  16. expunge
    to erase; to eliminate completely
  17. recondite
    not easily understood
  18. preclude
    to make impossible; to prevent the occurrence of
  19. herald
    to bear news; to announce
  20. paradigm
    an example; a model
  21. discrepancy
    lack of agreement; difference
  22. enumerate
    to count off or list
  23. coin
    to devise a new word or phrase
  24. broach
    to raise for discussion
  25. vanguard
    the leading position in army or fleet; the leading position in a movement or trend
  26. behoove
    to be nevessary or proper for
  27. replicate
    to copy, reproduce, or repeat
  28. multifarious
    having many different parts or forms; numerous and varied
  29. prodigy
    one with exceptional talents
  30. enmity
    the bitter attitude or feelings of an enemy or of mutual enemies
  31. indigenous
    native, occuring naturally
  32. forbidding
    disagreeable; menacing
  33. plight
    sad situation
  34. improvident
    not preparing for the future; incautious
  35. bathos
    excessive or trivial sentimentality
  36. homogeneous
    uniform; or the same kind
  37. venerable
    worthy of honor and respect by reason of dignity, age, etc.
  38. repudiate
    to reject as invalid or untrue
  39. secede
    to withdraw formally from an alliance or membership
  40. shroud
    to conceal

    something that covers up
  41. abet
    to encourage, assist, or support, usually in wrongdoing by surprise
  42. aback
    by surprise
  43. adduce
    to show as an example or means of proving something
  44. resonate
    to echo
  45. fanfare
    a showy public display
  46. viable
    able to live; capable of success
  47. prominent
    noticeable; widely known
  48. exiguous
    scanty; meager; small; slender
  49. confluence
    joining together of different streams
  50. vacillate
    to swing back and forth
  51. criterion
    a measurable value; a standard for judging
  52. symposium
    a meethign to discuss a topic, esp. where the participants form the audience and make presentations
  53. downtrodden
    badly and unfairly treated; oppressed
  54. empathy
    ability to understand identify with another's feelings and emotions
  55. decisive
    conclusive; beyond doubt; showing determination
  56. malevolent
    showing hatred; dangerous
  57. grisly
    inspiring horror because of appalling crudity or unhumanity; gruesome
  58. profound
    very deep; penetrating beyond the superficial
  59. fatuous
    smugly foolish; compacently stupid
  60. veer
    to change direction
  61. adverse
    opposed, difficult
  62. hackneyed
    made trite and commonplace by overuse
  63. construe
    to interpret
  64. skirt
    to lie along the edge of; to pass nearby or around, rather than through
  65. timorous
    full of fear
  66. sanction
    to give official approval
  67. impede
    to obstruct
  68. ominous
    threatening harm; showing evil
  69. refurbish
    to make clean or bright again
  70. doctrine
    a set of principles
  71. paternal
    relating to or characteristic or a father
  72. fluent
    easy; graceful
  73. ambiance
  74. amicable
    showing friendliness or good will
  75. pacify
    to make peaceful; to restore calm
  76. fulminate
    to issue a strong verbal attack
  77. oblivious
  78. replete
    well-filled; abundantly supplied
  79. flaunt
    to display ostentatiously; to show off; to boast
  80. tenuous
    weak; thin
  81. promulgate
    to make known by official announcement
  82. heterodox
    not in agreement with accepted beliefs, esp. religious dogma
  83. zenith
    maximum; the highest point
  84. ilk
    kind; sort; class
  85. fortitude
    strength of mind that allows one to endure adversity
  86. patriarch
    a man who rules a family clan; a very respected old man
  87. connote
    to imply something beyond a literal meaning
  88. doctrinaire
    infelxibly maintaining an idea without regard to practicality
  89. cede
    to give or formally surrender to another
  90. inexorable
    not able to be persuaded; unyielding; unalterable
  91. forge
    to give form or shape to; to advance gradually
  92. impugn
    challenge; call into question
  93. tally
    to count; add
  94. disseminate
    to scatter widely
  95. expatriate
    to send into exile
  96. feasible
    capable of being done
  97. jargon
    the specialized terminology of a profession; incoherent speech
  98. gender
    sexual identity, esp. in relation to society or culture
  99. halcyon
    calm; peaceful
  100. insipid
    uninteresting; having no flavor
  101. emolument
    payment for an office or employment
  102. belligerent
    eager to fight; aggressive; engaged in warfare
  103. exult
    to rejoice greatly
  104. acumen
    quickness and accuracy of judgement or insight
  105. emollient
    having a softening, soothing effect
  106. deficit
    an inadequacy; an unfavorable condition or position
  107. radical
    favoring fundamental or extreme change; relating to roots or origins
  108. contumacious
    stubbornly disobedient; rellious; insubordinate
  109. dissent
    to disagree
  110. redress
    to set right; to remedy
  111. accord
  112. disclose
    to reveal
  113. hypothesis
    a tentative explanation; something assumed true for the sake of argument or investigation
  114. matriarchy
    a society where the mother is the head of the family and descent is traced through the mother's side of the family
  115. protocol
    the customs and regualtions dealign with formal behavior
  116. epithet
    a descriptive term for a person or thing
  117. canvass
    to ask for votes, opinions, etc; to examine or discuss in detail
  118. comprehensive
    complete; covering brouadly and all-inclusively
  119. contradict
    to assert the opposite of
  120. deleterious
    harmful; destructive
  121. licentious
    not moral; lawless; lewd
  122. entrenched
    dug in
  123. gregarious
    seeking and enjoying the company of others; tending to move in a group
  124. adumbrate
    to give a sketchy outline; to foreshadow
  125. delineate
    to draw the outline of; describe in words or gestures
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