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  1. Truth and securities act 1933
    Protect public from fraud
  2. Securities exchange act 1934
    Create the SEC
  3. SEC
    Securities and exchange Commission
  4. Trust indenture act 1939
    Establish standards for trustee pre and post default/established conflicts of interest
  5. Trust reform act of 1990
    Changed pre to post default conflicts
  6. CDO
    Collateral debt obligations
  7. CLO
    Collateral loan obligations
  8. CBO
    Collateral bond obligations
  9. SPV stands for:
    Special purchase vehicle
  10. Special purchase vehicles are:
    Any asset that will generate a cash flow
  11. Structured finance
    ABS & MBS
  12. ABS
    Asset backed securities
  13. MBS
    Mortgage backed securities
  14. Shelf registration rule
    Pre qualifying with sec to drawdown bonds
  15. Reg AB
    Need an opinion from trustee to ensure the collateral
  16. Mono line bond insurance
    Only one type of insurance
  17. MSRB
    Municpal securities rule making board
  18. EMMA
    Electronic Municipal Market Access
  19. Primary focus of SEC
    Disclosure of information from people selling bonds to people buying bonds
  20. AML
    Anti money laundering
  21. Letter of transmittal
    Receive with tender notice
  22. DTCC
    Depository trust clearing corporation
  23. Record date
    Avoid closing transfer books to determine holder of record
  24. Debenture
    Corporate Unsecured bond
  25. Bondholder approval
    Extend maturity
  26. Tax equity and fiscal responsibility act of 1982
    Eliminates TE bearer bonds
  27. Zero coupon (CAB's)
    Interest Paid at maturity
  28. Security act of 1975
    Keep canvelled securities for 6 months in an easily accessible spot.
  29. IRS
    Determines tax exempt status
  30. Bond opinion
    Is it taxable or tax exempt
  31. Escrow agent
    Agreement between Two people who dont trust each other
  32. Commercial paper
    Under 365 days
  33. UCC 1
    Initial filing for personal property
  34. UCC 3
  35. Granting clause
    Sets forth the security for obligations to be issued
  36. Recitals
    States purpose of the bond indenture
  37. Chapter 9
    Municipal bankruptsy
  38. Chapter 11
    Corporate reorganization
  39. Investment company act of 1940
    Money market and mutual funds
  40. Investment advisors act of 1940
    Advisors to money market investments
  41. securities acts amendment of 1975
    Transfers rule for operations
  42. ARRA
    American Reinvestment & Recovery Act - BABs
  43. Form S1
    To put on record at SEC
  44. 10k
    Annual report
  45. 10-Q
    Quarterly report
  46. 8k
    Material event report
  47. 10D
    Monthly servicer report
  48. TA 2
    Transfer Agent annual report
  49. TA 1
    1st or initial appointment
  50. T 1
    Eligibility for trustee to serve
  51. T 2
    Co trustee registration (two)
  52. T 6
    Foreign Trustee regiatration
  53. 1099 INT
    Interest payment
  54. 1099 DIV
    Stock payment
  55. 1099 OID
    Original discount
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