Biol 1010 chpt 8 review test

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  1. The biggest issues in melanoma pathology is often
    determining if a cancer is malignant or benign.
  2. What advantage would having a genetic profile of melanoma provide?
    Earlier and more accurate diagnosis of whether the skin lesion is melanoma.
  3. What genetic screening tool is used to detect the danger of a melanoma?
    microarray genetic profile
  4. Past experience had thought that melanomas
    when found in their early radial phase were less likely to spread.
  5. What has been one of the technical difficulties in early detection of melanoma?
    Difficulty of extracting cells from primary melanomas because of their small size.
  6. Chromatin differs from a chromosome in that
    a chromosome contains DNA that is more tightly packaged.
  7. The constricted region holding two chromatids together is called a histone.

  8. Interphase
    is the longest phase of the cell cycle.
  9. Which of the following is true regarding cytokinesis?
    It begins before mitosis is complete.
  10. Each sister chromatid of a duplicated chromosome carries the same genetic information as the original chromosome.
  11. Chromosomes first become visible during
  12. The breakdown of the nuclear membrane occurs immediately before anaphase.

  13. During which phase of the cell cycle are duplicated chromosomes present?

    • Duplicated chromosomes are not present at G1, telophase, anaphase, or the beginning of S. Duplicated chromosomes are present during Metaphase.
  14. A particular cell with 24 chromosomes is undergoing mitosis. How many chromatids would there be at the metaphase plate?
  15. When a cell with 24 chromosomes is in anaphase, there would be no observable chromatids.

    Because they call them "daughter chromosomes" Instead of "sister chromatids" by the time they are pulled apart in the (away) anaphase stage. technicality!
  16. Cytokinesis in plant cells differs from cytokinesis in animal cells in that
    in plant cells, new cell wall is built between daughter cells.
  17. Cyclins
    vary in amount in the cell.
  18. Programmed cell death is called contact inhibition.

  19. Cancer cells
    have abnormal nuclei.
  20. When an amoeba splits, two new individual amoebas are produced. This process is called ______.
    asexual reproduction
  21. The G1 checkpoint is especially significant because ________.
    If the cell cycle passes this checkpoint, the cell is committed to divide.
  22. A protective cap at the end of chromosomes, which can be as long as 15,000 base pairs in length, is called a __________.
  23. Cancer cells can secrete factors that promote the formation of new blood vessels. The formation of the new blood vessels in this manner is called _______.
  24. Antioxidants are thought to protect from cancer development because ______.
    they prevent formation of free radicals that can damage DNA.
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