HAP Vocab Week 3

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  1. Osseous Tissue
    bone tissue, abundant extracellular matrix, widely separated cells
  2. Osteogenic cell
    stem cell from mesenchyme ability to diufferentiaitate into an osteoblast
  3. Osteoblasts
    bone formation, form from osteogenic cells
  4. Osteoclasts
    reabsorbs bone matrix, destroys
  5. Osteocytes
    mature bone cell
  6. Compact Bone Tissue
    tissue that contains small spaces between osteons, forms external portions of all bones and diaphysis, deep periosteum external spongy bone
  7. Volkman's Canal or Perforating canal
    passageway blood vessels and nerves connect to compact bonbe from periosteum,
  8. Haversian Canal or central canal
    runs longitudinal of compact bone contains blood and lymphatic vessels and nerves
  9. Osteon
    basic unit of structure in adult compact bone
  10. spongy Bone Tissue
    irregular network of trabecule, spaces between filled with red bone marrow,
  11. Trabecule
    make up spongy bone
  12. Ossification
    formation of bone
  13. Interstitial Growth
    Growth from within as in cartilage
  14. Appositional Growth
    growth due to surface deposition of material growth in diameter of cartilage of bone
  15. Epiphyseal Plate
    hyaline cartilage plate, growth of bone length wise
  16. Bone Remodeling
    replacement of old bone tissue by new bone tissue, osteoclasts
  17. Bone resorption
    removal of minerals and collagen fibers
  18. Bone deposition
    addition of minerals and collagen fibers to bone by osteoblasts
  19. fracture hematoma
    formation of blood clot around fracture site from torn blood vessels
  20. Fibrocartilaginous Callus
    mass of collagen fibers and cartilage that bridges the broken ends
  21. Bony Callus
    lasts 3 to 4 months trabecule join living and dead portions of fragment
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