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  1. psychiatric disorder manifested in physical rather than psychological conditions
    somatoform disorder
  2. why are clients with somatoform disorders among the most difficult seen
    bc clients are usually dissatisfied with their care providers and are certain they have some serious condition that is undiagnosed
  3. clients who travel from doctor to doctor seeking new diagnoses and treatments and convincing family members and friends that they are seriously ill
    somatoform disorder
  4. group of conditions in which symptoms suggest the precense of a general medical condition, but careful evaluation fails to find any evidence of a physical disorder sufficient to explain the complaints
    somatoform disorder
  5. what is the basic criteria that is required by DSM-IV TR in order to be diagnosed with somatoform disorder
    • 1. 4 pain symptoms
    • 2. 2 GI symptoms
    • 3. 1 sexual symptom
    • 4. 1 pseudoneurological symptom
  6. how do clients with somatozation disorder describe their illness
    dramatically and sometimes with inappropriate laughter
  7. somatozation disorder is far more common in which gender
  8. what is the Tx for somat. disorder
    • establish the diagnosis
    • screen the diagnosis or illness
    • keep an appropriate level of vigilance
  9. psychotherapy goals for somat disorder
    • 1. establish firm therapeutic alliance with client
    • 2. educate client regarding disorder manifestations
    • 3. provide consistent reassurance to the client
  10. what is the major problem with psychotherapy in regards to somat disorder?
    clients do not believe they are psychologically ill
  11. preoccupation with the fear of having, or the idea that one has, a serious disease based on the persons misinterpretation of bodily symptoms or functions
  12. what do psychological theories suggest of hypochondriasis
    that the person has low self esteem
  13. what are effective Tx's for hypochondriases
    • early therapy has a better prognosis
    • -Tx begins with physical exam and diagnostic tests
    • -anxiety and depression should be treated as indicated
    • - educate client on disease and its perceptions
    • - acknowledge symptoms as real and not imaginary
  14. how is hypochondriasis treatment successful
    when client abandons any belief of dangerous and undiagnosed conditions
  15. condition in which person exhibits symptoms that cannot be explained by any medical or neurological condition which includes seizures, paralysis, weakness, lump in throat and urinary retention
    conversion disorder
  16. an indifference that many clients show towards their symptoms
    la belle indifference
  17. involves physical or psychological symptoms that are intentionally produced in order to gain attention from potential caregivers
    factitious disorders
  18. munchausen's syndrome
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