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  1. Orbicularis Oculi Insertion
    Soft tissue of upper & lower lids
  2. Orbicularis Oculi Origin
    Boney eye orbit
  3. Orbicularis Oculi Action
    Closes eyes
  4. Temopralis Origin
    Temporal bone
  5. Temporalis Insertion
    Coronoid process of mandible
  6. Temporalis Action
    Closes jaw
  7. Masseter Origin
    Zygomatic arch
  8. Masseter Insertion
    Angle of mandible
  9. Masseter Action
    Closes Jaw
  10. Digastric Insertion
  11. Digastric Action
    Opens Jaw
  12. Sternocleidomastoid Origin
    Sternum & Medial clavicle
  13. Sternocleidomastoid Insertion
    Mastoid process of temporal bone
  14. Sternocleidomastoid Action
  15. Rhomboids Origin
    Thoracic vertebrae
  16. Rhomboids Insertion
    Medial border of scapulae
  17. Rhomboids Action
    Retract scaplula
  18. Serratus Anterior Action
    Protract scapula
  19. Levator Scapulae Origin
    Cervical vertebrae
  20. Levator Scapulae Insertion
    Superior angle of scapulae
  21. Levator Scapulae Action
    Elevates scapula
  22. Pectoralis Minor Origin
    Anterior rib cage
  23. Pectoralis Minor Insertion
    Corocoid process of scapulae
  24. Pectoralis Minor Action
    Depresses scapula
  25. Deltoid Origin
    Scapular spine & Clavicle
  26. Deltoid Insertion
    Deltoid tuberocity of the humerus
  27. Deltoid Action
    Abducts arm
  28. Biceps Brachii Origin
    Scapula Corocoid process & superior glenoid tuberocity
  29. Biceps Brachii Insertion
    Radial tuberocity
  30. Biceps Brachii Action
    Flex elbow
  31. Brachialis Origin
  32. Brachialis Isertion
  33. Brachialis Action
    Flexes elbow
  34. Triceps Brachii Origin
    Infraglenoid tuberocity & Humerus
  35. Triceps Brachii Insertion
    Olecranon process of ulna
  36. Triceps Brachii Action
    Extends elbow
  37. Iliopsoas Origin
    Iliac fossa & lumbar vertebrae
  38. Iliopsoas Insertion
    Lesser trochanter of the femur
  39. Gluteus Medius Origin
    Iliac crest
  40. Gluteus Medius Insertion
    greater trochanter of the femur
  41. Gluteus Meduis Action
    Abduct leg
  42. Adductor Magnus & Longus Action
    Adduct leg
  43. Rectus Femoris Origin
    Anterior inferior spine of Ilium
  44. Rectus Femoris Insertion
    tibial tuberocity through the intrapatellar ligament
  45. Quadriceps Action
    Flex hip/Extend knee
  46. Hamstrings Action
    Extend hip/Flex kee
  47. Gastronemius Origin
    Posterior distal femur
  48. Gastronemius Insertion
    calcaneous through the achillies tendon
  49. Gastronemius Action
    Plantar flexation
  50. Soleus Origin
  51. Soleus Insertion
    calcaneous through the achillies tedon
  52. Soleus Action
  53. Tibialis Anterior Origin
    Lateral condyle of tibia
  54. Tibialis Anterior Insertion
    Cueform & Metatarsal 1
  55. Tibialis Anterior Action
  56. Extensor Digitorum Origin
  57. Extensor Digitorum Action
    Extends digits
  58. Flexors Origin
  59. Flexors Insertion
    Carpal bones & Distal phalanges
  60. Flexors Action
    Wrist & Finger flexion
  61. Supiniator Origin
    Lateral epicodyle of humerus
  62. Supinator Insertion
    Proximal 1/3 of raduis
  63. Supinator Action
    Supinates forearm
  64. Pronator Teres Origin
    Medial epicondyle of humerus
  65. Pronator Teres Insertion
    Radial shaft
  66. Pronator Teres Action
    Pronates forearm

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