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  1. A key to minimizing the hazard of pesticide use to the applicator is to avoid exposure
  2. The use of temperature or humidity manipulation
    is a ___________________ control method for insects
  3. Drift problems can be reduced by
    placing a boom as close to the target as possible
  4. Which is not a concern when handling an emulsifiable concentrate pesticide?
    • a.
    • Easily clogs nozzles and screens
  5. EPA and WSDA are the only federal and state agencies that regulate pesticides.
  6. Two or more pesticides which cannot be mixed together effectively are said to be ___________.
  7. All formulations with the same active ingredient carry the same signal word.
  8. The skull and crossbones symbol must appear on every pesticide label
  9. The best way to dispose of a registered pesticide is to
    Use it as directed on the label
  10. To minimize drift when applying an herbicide the best type of nozzle to use is
    A low pressure, flat fan
  11. Which LD50 is representative of a highly toxic
    46 mg/kg
  12. Pesticide-contaminated surface water can contaminate groundwater
  13. Pesticide records are useful only to applicators in case they have problems with effectiveness.
  14. If an applicator had two major label violations and was cited by the WSDA, they could face a maximum fine of $15,000 and lose their license
  15. Dealers must keep records for 7 years on the sale of general use agricultural pesticides
  16. One of the earliest uses of chemicals as pesticides was the burning of sulfur
  17. When the pest reaches the ________, pest management procedures need to be applied to prevent the pest from reaching the economically damaged populations.
    Economic Threshold
  18. Which of the following is not considered a mechanical control method?
    Removing a rhododendron with a root disease from the landscape
  19. Which of the following is a cultural control method?
    • Fertilization
    • Planting Time
    • Pruning
    • Crop Rotation
  20. The first step in a pest management program should be to identify the pest
  21. The use of temperature or humidity manipulation is a ________ control method for insects.
  22. The goal of a pest management program is to eradicate the pest
  23. Pest control that involves the use of numerous tactics is called
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  24. Which of the following pesticides can be absorbed by the plant and translocated within the plant?
  25. Which of the following was not an early (pre-1900) pesticide?
  26. DDT was banned because of its
    Stability and persistence
  27. Legal control utilizes
  28. Piscides are pesticides that control spiders
  29. Herbicides and insecticides are both pesticides
  30. Synthetic organic pesticides were introduced
    Post-World Wat II
  31. The only purpose of federal and state pesticide laws is to protect the environment from hazardous pollutants.
  32. The EPA has the authority to stop the sale or use of any pesticide
  33. A dealer-manager must be present in a store or outlet when a commercial pesticide is sold or distributed
  34. Restricted use pesticides can be used by an person, at any time, as long as they are purchased by a certified applicator
  35. All pesticide products containing the same active ingredients are classified the same, either general use or restricted use, regardless of the formulation
  36. The WSDA administers the pesticide licensing program in Washington
  37. Every pesticide used in Washington must first be registered with the WSDA
  38. SLN registration allows WSDA to register additional application sites to a federal label
  39. Under a private applicator’s supervision, an unlicensed applicator can handle restricted use products
  40. If a licensed commercial applicator in Washington chooses to recertify by course credit, how many recertification credits do they need?
    40 credits in five years
  41. If an applicator had two major label violations and was cited by the WSDA, they could face a maximum fine of $15,000 and lose their license
  42. Pesticide inspectors from the WSDA enforce pesticide laws and have authority to
    Inspect pesticide application equipment

    Inspect pesticide storage and disposal areas

    Inspect or investigate complaints or injury to humans or land

    Sample pesticides being applied
  43. EPA and WSDA are the only federal or state agencies that regulate pesticides
  44. Private applicators are subject to criminal and/or civil penalties for unlawful conduct under FIFRA
  45. An applicator can avoid harming the environment, misapplying pesticides, and violation of the law by reading and following label directions
  46. The component of a pesticide formulation that controls the pest is the ______ ingredient
  47. Careful pesticide selection is important because pesticide formulations vary in their safety to the user, environment, and crop to be treated; efficacy; and cost.
  48. Which of the following is not a concern when handling an emulsifiable concentrate pesticide?
    Clogged nozzles and screens
  49. Which of the following formulations dissolve in water
    Soluble powders
  50. Breathing dust is a potential hazard associated with the mixing of wettable powders and soluble powders.
  51. Which of the following pesticide formulations must be mixed with water before being used by the applicator?
  52. When added to water, emulsifiable concentrates form emulsions
  53. Most bait formulations have 50 percent or more active ingredient
  54. Extreme care must be exercised when placing baits to make them inaccessible to children, pets, and other nontarget species.
  55. All pesticide manufacturers include all the necessary adjuvants, thus you do not need to add them when mixing a spray tank load.
  56. Which of the following is a true statement about fumigant formulations?
    The use of fumigants is limited to soil and enclosed structures and containers

    Fumigants are toxic to a wide range of pests

    Fumigants are the most hazardous of the pesticide formulations

    Fumigants are active as gases
  57. Two or more pesticides that cannot be effectively mixed together are said to be____________
  58. When adding two or more pesticides into a spray tank, always add the liquid formulations first.
  59. Adjuvants are often required when making applications to leaves that are ____ or ______
    Waxy or Hairy
  60. Adjuvants can be added to any pesticide spray mixture
  61. Before purchasing a pesticide, read the container label to determine
    If the product can be used to treat your plant, crop, animal, or site

    If the product will control the problem pest

    How much product will be needed

    If there are any environmental concerns
  62. Regardless of the signal words they bear, all pesticide labels must carry the words, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
  63. All formulations of the same active ingredient carry the same signal word
  64. The skull and crossbones symbol must appear on every pesticide label
  65. Which signal word(s) on a pesticide label would indicate that the product is highly toxic to humans?
  66. Labels should be removed from pesticide containers and kept in a notebook so they remain clean and legible
  67. A certain active ingredient has a technical chemical name and one accepted common name, but may be in products with several different trade/brand names
  68. The hazard associated with a pesticide product depends entirely on the toxicity of the active ingredient
  69. The most common route of pesticide exposure leading to poising is inhalation
  70. Because of the protective nature of eye tissues, very little pesticide that contacts the eye is actually absorbed
  71. Select the incorrect statement. Symtoms of pesticide poisining
    Always occur immediately after exposure
  72. Toxicity from small, repeated exposures to a pesticide over a period of time is called
    Chronic toxicity
  73. The signal word on a pesticide label indicates its
  74. Which LD50 is representative of a highly toxic pesticide?
    46 mg/kg
  75. The potential adverse health effects of pesticides are studied on laboratory test animals
  76. Which signal word(s) or symbol would indicate the product that is least toxic to an applicator?
  77. Applicators who regularly use organophosphate and carbamate insecticides are advised to have a pre-season blood test to establish their normal (baseline) level of
  78. A key to minimizing the hazard of pesticide use to the applicator is to avoid exposure
  79. If pesticide is spilled on the skin or clothing, the first reaction should be to
    Remove contaminated clothing and wash affected area with soap and water
  80. A person who has swallowed pesticide must be made to vomit regardless of their condition or the pesticide in question
  81. Pesticide labels contain information on the treatment of poisonings and should always be available, especially if medical attention is sought.
  82. Under the Worker Protection Standard, a farm laborer who hand picks vegetables is considered a handler, not a worker
  83. Pesticide respirators should be approved by the
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

    Mine Safety and Health Administration
  84. Mine Safety and Health Administration2.The life of the cartridge in respirator depends on the concentration of the pesticide used, the breathing rate of the person wearing the respirator, and the capacity of the cartridge to bind to the chemical
  85. Gloves and boots worn when handling pesticides should be made of
    Unlined Rubber
  86. For convenience, all clean protective equipment and clothing should be kept with pesticides in a locked pesticide storage area
  87. Wash clothing lightly contaminated with pesticide separately from family laundry in hot water with laundry detergent
  88. When filling a spray tank with water, backsiphoning is prevented by
    Attaching an anti-backflow valve to the hose

    Keeping the hose above the level of the water in the spray tank

    Avoiding water sources with fluctuating pressure

    Using a bucket to fill the tank
  89. Application records must be kept for _____ years
  90. The best way to dispose of a registered pesticide is to bury it in a safe place
  91. A quick and effective way to deal with any spill is to hose down the area with water
  92. Pesticides should be stored
    Only in their original containers
  93. If a nozzle becomes clogged while spraying
    Stop spraying, move to an untreated area, and use a soft brush to clean the plugged nozzle
  94. Never use your waste rinsewater as a diluent for future applications
  95. Pesticides should not be transported in the passenger compartment of a vehicle
  96. Which is an undesirable characteristic of a pesticide storage area
    Well lighted by direct sunlight
  97. What Washington State agency is responsible for the regulations regarding respirator testing and cartridge longevity for employees who require respirators to do their jobs?
    Dept. of Labor and Industries
  98. The airborne movement of a pesticide from its target area occurs only during application and is clearly visible when it occurs
  99. Select the condition that could help reduce pesticide volatilization
  100. Pesticide adsorption is greatest in course, sandy soils
  101. Runoff is usually more likely from a water saturated soil than from an unsaturated soil.
  102. Pesticide degradation processes can be beneficial because they reduce the amount of pesticide residue in the environment
  103. The upper level of the water-saturated zone in the soil is called the
    Water table
  104. Pesticide properties have little if any effect on whether a chemical will reach groundwater
  105. Pesticides can reach groundwater through
  106. Pesticide-contaminated surface water can contaminate groundwater
  107. To reduce the potential for groundwater contamination
    Do not dispose of leftover spray mix near wells or sinkholes

    Prevent back-siphoning into water sources

    Delay application of pesticides if a heavy rain is expected

    Triple-rinse containers before disposal
  108. Spray drift is the least when which of the following conditions exist?
    Droplet size increases, wind speed decreases
  109. Select the FALSE statement. To reduce the changes of bee poisoning for pesticides
    Select dust formulations whenever possible
  110. Fish kills most commonly result from pollution of water by
  111. Drift problems can be reduced by
    Placing a spray boom as close to the target as possible
  112. Accidental or intentional environment damage caused by a pesticide can result in financial losses to the responsible party
  113. The most common way for pesticides to enter your body is
    Dermal absorption
  114. When using an emulsifiable concentrate formulation, what do you need to remember?
    This formulation may have a high phytotoxicity hazard
  115. Which one of the following is not registered as a pesticide under Washington pesticide laws
    Nitrogen fertilizer
  116. Which one of the following is not a possible penalty for a single violation of the pesticide label for use inconsistent with the label?
    2 years in federal prison
  117. Why are some pesticides classified as “restricted use?”
    Their use is a hazard to the applicator or the environment
  118. Which one of the following does not have to be on your application records
    Relative humidity
  119. Organophosphate and carbamate insecticides have the most direct effects on what major body system?
  120. Which one of the following pesticide characteristics contribute to an increase potential for ground water contamination?
    High solubility
  121. If you have a pesticide spill at your mix and load site that doesn’t pose a threat to the environment or humans, you should
    Control, confine, and clean up the spill
  122. Preharvest intervals stated on a pesticide label are designed to
    Protect produce from residues over tolerances
  123. For which of the following pesticides can 2-PAM be used as an antidote?
  124. If the product you choose to use has an Endangered Species Restricted listed, you should
    Obtain the necessary information to determine what the restriction entails
  125. You are storing a pesticide with a CAUTION signal word. Which one of the following is required by Washington law for storage?
    Secured area, out of the reach of children
  126. Which of the following conditions contribute most to spray drift?
    A small orifice with high pressure
  127. Which of the following items does not have to be in a dealer’s records if the sale was for a restricted use pesticide?
    Common name of product
  128. Prior to selling or distributing a general use pesticide to a customer, a dealer must
    Be confident the purchaser will pay
  129. Dealers must keep records on sales of
    Any pesticide with the exception of home and garden pesticides
  130. Your outlet has a 2.5 gallon container of Brand X herbicide. You transfer 1 pint into a container for a custom and affix a Xerox copy of the label
    This is illegal
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