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  1. Oste/o
  2. Chondr/o
  3. Arthr/o
  4. Myel/o
    Bone marrow
  5. Ten/o, tendin/o
    Tendon (Binds muscle to bone)
  6. Ligament/o
    Ligament (binds bone to bone)
  7. Burs/o
    Bursa (shock absorber between tendons and bones)
  8. My/o, Myos/o
  9. -Malacia
  10. -porosis
  11. -asthenia
    Weakness, loss of strength
  12. -trophy
    Development, stimulation, maintenance
  13. -algia, -algesia
  14. Osteitis
    Inflammation of the bone
  15. Chondritis
    Inflammation of the cartilage
  16. Osteoma
    New piece of bone (tumor)
  17. Chondroma
    Benign carilaginous tumor
  18. Osteocyte
    Bone cell
  19. Chondrocyte
    Carilage cell
  20. Arthritis
    Inflammation of the joints
  21. Arthroplasty
    Surgical repair of joint
  22. Myeloma
    Cancer of plama cells
  23. Tendonitis
    Inflammation of the tendons
  24. Tenorrhaphy
    Suture of the tendon
  25. Ligamentous Injury
    Tearing of Ligament
  26. Bursitis
    Inflammation of the Bursa
  27. Myoma
    Benign tumor in muscle
  28. Myositis
    Inflammation of the Muscle
  29. Osteomalacia
    Softening of the bones due to a lack of vitamin D or a problem with the body's ability to break down and use this vitamin
  30. Chondromalacia
    Anterior knee pain due to irritation of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap
  31. Myasthenia gravis
    Is a neuromuscular disorder
  32. Atrophy
    Shriveling of muscles
  33. Hypertrophy
    Increase in size and strength of muscles
  34. Myalgia
    Muscle pain
  35. Arthralgia
    Joint Pain
  36. Analgesia
    Take away pain
  37. Osteoporosis
    Porous bone
  38. Osteomalacia
    Soft bones
  39. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Wrist pain
  40. Tendonitis
    Repeated strain on a tendon, attachment of a muscle to bone, can inflame the tendon resulting in pain and difficulty with movement involving the muscle
  41. Rotator cuff teat
    Muscles surrounding the shoulder joint are involved in rotating the shoulder with upper arm and hand forward and backward, among other movements
  42. Muscular dystrophy
    This inherited disease leads to degeneration and weakness of muscles manifesting at birth
  43. Lupus erythematosus
    An autoimmune disease wherein the body produces antibodies against a variety of organs, especially connective tissues of skin and joints
  44. Orthopaedist
    Orthopaedics is a surgical subspecialty that in the past devoted much of its time to treating musculoskeletal deformities in children
  45. Rheumatologist
    To study the flux of fluids
  46. Osteopath/osteopathic physician (D.O.)
    Osteopathy developed an emphasis on the influence of the musculoskeletal system and its interrelationship to other body systems. D.O.s make use of osteopathic manipulation (bones, ligaments, joints) along with medication, surgery and all other medical treatments used by M.D. physicians
  47. Podiatrists
    Surgical subspecialists in diseases and structural problems of the feet
  48. Physical therapist (PT)
    PTs are rehabilitation specialists treating a multitude of medical problems including patients recovering from joint surgery, limb amputation, a stroke, heart attack and suffering with chronic neuromuscular diseases
  49. Arthroscopy
    A fiberoptic instrument is introduced into a joint cavity in order to visualize surfaces of bones entering into a joint, find tears in internal joint structures and evaluate sources of inflammation
  50. Bone Scan
    A radioactive element in very small amounts, not enough to cause any radiation injury to the patient, is introduced into the blood stream
  51. Electromyography
    A recording of muscle electrical activity
  52. Muscle Biopsy
    Cutting out a small tissue sample of muscle in order to examine it under a microscope
  53. BLE
    Bilateral Lower Extremities
  54. DJD
    Degenerative joint disease
  55. ROM
    Range of Motion
  56. Fx
  57. L1, L2, etc
    Lumbar vertebra
  58. TMJ
    Temporal Mandiable Joint
  59. BKA
    Below Knee Amputation
  60. Ortho
  61. EMG
  62. ACL
    Anterior Cruciate ligament
  63. T1, T2, etc
    Thoracic vertbra
  64. DT's
    Delirium tremens
  65. OCD
    Obessive Compulsive Disorder
  66. HI
  67. PTSD
    Post traumatic stress disorder
  68. SI
    Suicidal Intention
  69. AD
    Alzheimer's disease
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