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  1. capability of unix allows users to choose from many dif commands with numerous options to modify each commands output
  2. capability of the unix os can perferm more than one task at a time for each user through a process known as time sharing
  3. capability of the unix os allows it to serve more than one user at the same time
  4. capibility of the unix os to run on many different hardware platforms with a minimal amount of reprogramming
  5. core of the unix os
  6. interface between users and kernel
    the shell
  7. actively executing program or command
  8. small indy programs that are usually narrow in scope that provides a single capability or a single area of functionality
    system utilities
  9. file that exists to provide order and organization to the file structure
  10. special files that represent a piece of hardware
    device files
  11. references files in a different directory without having to use the absolute or relative file path
    link files
  12. two types of os installs
    initial and upgrade
  13. this type of install either loads the os for the first time or overwrites the previous one
  14. install that merges the new version of the os with the existing files on the systems disks
  15. two methods of installing solaris
    cd or network
  16. two step process in unix startup
    basic input/output system
  17. traffic analysis, monitoring of unprotected comm, decrypting weakly encrypted trafficm capturing auth info
  18. attempts to circumvent or break protection features, introduce malicious code, or steal or modify information
  19. attack from regular individuals trying to gain close physical proximities to networks
  20. class of attack that can be malicious or non-malicious
  21. front line of defense in depth
    boundary protection
  22. first-line method of network protection, implements ACL's
    packet filtering
  23. detects and responds to network and system misuse by using sensors to monitor traffic
    intrusion detection system (IDS)
  24. two places malicious code protection is provided
    gateway and workstation
  25. four levels of defense against malicious code attacks
    pre infection prevention, infection prevention, infection detection, infection identification
  26. four protocols through which malicious software can attack
    file transfer protocol, hypertext transfer protocol, and simple mail transfer protocol
  27. when tasked for a deployment, personell are provided a pre-deployment checklist from who
  28. predefined standardized grouping of manpower and/or equipment to provide a specific wartime capability
    unit type code (UTC)
  29. check mobility bags, load equipment on trucks, build equipment pallets, complete paperwork
    warning order
  30. final preps are taken to ensure unit is ready to deploy
    alert order
  31. given detail of time, date, and location of deployment
    deployment order
  32. unit physically starts moving out
    execution order
  33. state of the art ground to ground comm infrastructure for secure and unsecure voice,data,video via line of sight, satellite. comprised of cots
    theater deployable communications (TDC)
  34. 4 steps of hardware and software planning
    id,research,propose a solution, test, implement and document
  35. first thing to do when arriving at deployed location
    safety and security checks
  36. order to follow when setting up locations comm equipment
    satellite comm and infrastructure, site set up (backbone), unpack ncc-d suites, connect them to new network
  37. tdc package consists of what?
    lightweight milti band sat term (lmst), integrated comm access package (Icap), network control center deployed (ncc-d)
  38. portion of tdc comprimised of a family of transportable satellite terminals providing access to both military and commercial satellite systems
    lightweight multi band satellite terminal (lmst)
  39. portion of tdc containing a suite of modules and accessorys that provide comm backbone, contains voice, data, and transmissions networks
    integrated comm access package (icap)
  40. 3 modules that make up icap package
    crypto interface module(cim), red data module (rdm), and basic access module (bam)
  41. can be light or heavy package
    network control center deployed (ncc-d)
  42. 2 laptops for sipernet and 2 for nipernet
    ncc-d light
  43. 2 cabeling standards
    eia 568-b and a
  44. process of performing a post deployment inspection on all equipment, missing or damaged stupp is identified, repaired or replaced
  45. unit is supposed to be deployed once for 4 months with one month afterwards for recovery and reocnstitution, followed by 15 months for training and build up
    aef (air expeditionary force)
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