Map Exam 5

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  1. Algeria
    • Became a French protectorate in 1830
    • Large income from oil exports, petrochemical resources, and possess rich agricultural resources.
    • High quality dates produced in oases.
    • In immediate post-independence years, single-minded political strength, wisdom, and insight of it’s leaders.
    • Gov’t promised long-term benefits, failed, and now it is struggling economically.
  2. Egypt
    • Economy is diversified, with a wide range of basic and processing industries and many consumer-oriented enterprises.
    • Manufactures most of the world’s Arabic-language films and TV programs.
    • The decline of pan-Arab nationalism of the 50s and 60s and its support for the 1979 Camp David agreements, decreased it’s influence.
  3. Turkey
    • Possess coal and iron resource to develop its own heavy industry without having to import basic materials.
    • It has a greater pecentage of usable land than any other country in the region.
    • Most powerful and integrate economy in the region.
    • A secular state
  4. Lebanon
    • Because of the mountains, people move to work as merchants.
    • Bananas and citrus fruits, metal goods, processed foods, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.
    • Its location resulted in a good living standard and a steadily expanding economy as the Arab hinterland grew in wealth.
    • In 2005 a strong anti-Syrian movement resulted in traditional Maronite-Sunni power axis.
  5. Jordan
    • Population is composed of three elements; Palestinians, the pre-1948 settled Arab population and the Bedouin.
    • Created post WWI as a British-mandate territory.
    • Obstacles of development included significant land-use problems associated with deforestation, overgrazing, and soil erosion, as well as military conflicts with both Israel and supporters of the PLO.
    • Resource limitations.
    • A homeland in search of a people.
  6. Iran
    • The bazaar
    • Islamic clergy, mullahs/mujtahids.
    • The Pahlavi dynasty tried to promote modernization in both society and economy.
    • The “White Revolution,” a package of social changes promoted by the monarchy, was intended to further the modernization process.
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